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  1. Terrapin and Poseidon crown?

    tHank you all.... 4 answer.. its help
  2. Need Poseidon helm.. real price Wm or note ign: iNimune
  3. Terrapin and Poseidon crown?

    if we open terrapin 1 slot how much poseidon crown will get? real price for Poseidon Crown?
  4. Ask why you are banned here!

    wow thanks sir... its helpful..
  5. Problem Check ID

    please check ID: 0bscura.. [ using zero [0] on first word ] i dont know its banned or not
  6. Ask why you are banned here!

    Please check my ID:0bscura using zero[0] on first words... i dont know its banned or not
  7. Tanya lg ka... Klo SM path human ad skill anti miss gak kalau dual wielding..? Klo bikin magnus pathny dr mana? Klo lewat knight bsa ga? job entrapper skill exortiony max level brp? Trus keterangn skilnya ap ka? Mohon bantuanny.. Thanks..
  8. Mau tanya.. Skill lvl dual wield mastery SM brp? Dan magnus brp ya?
  9. Kira" berapa harga belt of wisdom (dirty dn polos)
  10. Ad gk yg jual belt of wisdom..? Dpet dr mna tu belt of wisdom.. Tolong d bantu jawabny!!
  11. Owh ya lw bgitu cara donate lewat pulsa HP gmn?
  12. Problem Check ID

    CC tlong bgt yh!! Tlong check I'd saya "0bscura" depanya pke nol.. Dsitu ad athena +15 ad BOW 19.8ma dll.. Masik aktip gk please tlong d bantu T_T