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    when i learned luna was still around i was super excited. lol still am
  1. Wrong ID or Password

    Ive just figured it out. I tried resetting my password through the main game site, and it worked. Sorry to have made a new post. I didnt realize that forums and game passwords were different.
  2. Wrong ID or Password

    I keep getting wrong ID or password error while trying to get on. Ive not had this issue before and i even changed my password to see if that helped but nothing, so any help would be appreciated.
  3. So i finally got to lvl 75 and did the job change and maxed out light armor expertise. i tried on a piece of the armor and then all my gear goes red and tells me that "This protector is not for your position." and "Defensive power is not applied currently." I have the skill maxed and yet its telling me i cant use it. Is it a glitch? Did i waste my points on that skill?