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  1. Lost Characters

    I remember my old account, and was a member since 2014 according to my profile. But, when I log into it to see my characters, all of them are gone. Hopefully I can get some help.
  2. Top 3 Technical Issues

    now its doing the same thing it did before is when i try to play it wont work and my antivirus wont pop up saying its blocked .-.
  3. Top 3 Technical Issues

    I did that already, and when i look back at the folder its there again, like i didnt even delete it in the first place, is it supposed to do that?
  4. Top 3 Technical Issues

    Thanks that helped but now my issue is that when I get to the advantage part it wont continue to the log in
  5. Top 3 Technical Issues

    I have tries to access the game but honestly need a simple way of everything, No im not good with tech and i have worked really hard to get my character where shes at now. I download the client, it dowloads but the icon doesnt appear on my desktop or anything at all. I tried deleteing the celestiapatch folder and try to play, still nothing so i really need help Thanks.