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  1. Here is my suggestion. Can u guys increase the amount of exp we gain from dd while both of the player are still alive. There's a method to gain more exp in dd right now by solo dd right? How about u guys give some benefit to those that keep their partners alive by increasing the amount of exp u gain as a team compared to solo dd. This will make people want to dd with their friends more and its not just some boring solo dd for 10 times per day. Which is, when u are doing solo dd, u gain like 50% per char but when u do it as a team, u get like 70%ish or more per char. I'm kinda bored with solo dd
  2. U Can't use shield skills when u are dual wielding and u also can't use sword skills while using axe etc. All of the bugs(I think) have been fixed. Btw, welcome back to the blue land
  3. I've been experiencing this aswell. But it only occurred when im going for lvl 101-120.other than that, its all good. And it inly occured once per 10 dd
  4. If I'm using 100% exp scroll, and I went to the character selection menu, does the countdown for the scroll going down or not? Thank you in advance
  5. So I have been searching on this forum but I've never seen this question. Does enchantment affect the weapon's philo or what? If it does affect it, how much is it per '+'? Or does it only affect the weapon' s original p.def or p.att or etc? Because I have eva eq. If the enchant doesn't affect the philo, I don't it's worth to use puke on it aight? Please give me full explanation on how enchantment works. Thanks in advance xoxo
  6. Looking forward for the update
  7. Hye there My question is, should I use my diamond to buy pukes and sell it for gold and buy earing with +p.a or should I just buy HC Orichalcum to edit my earing and such? I want to know is it hard to get +p.a 18+ by using HC Orichalcum? Thank you
  8. As the title said. How much for wizard's robe price in gold?
  9. IRC Name: ItsMeMario Most used character name: ItsYoshi Spoken Languages: Bahasa,English,Arabic Age: 20 Time playing Luna Online: - Time playing Celestia Luna: Around 5-6 years Have you been a beta tester before? (do not include server names) Nope Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team? I've been Playing this game for a long time and I want to make it better. Plus,this will be a good experience for me to be a Beta Tester
  10. Hey. It's "ItsYoshi". See ya in game~ :41: :41:
  11. The PKers won't lvl up or gain exp if they kill a player and nothing is wrong with PKing. So, there's no reason to ban the PKers. It's fine to fight them back or kill them and you can still hit them when they're still in PK mode even though they ran off and start farming somewhere else. There's time limit for PKing. You need to wait until the time limit end and then you can go back to normal mode
  12. Well, welcome to Celestia luna my dear. Have fun here but remember to follow all the rules okay? :46: :49: :49:
  13. The bug that Orange said was that you can't take items from other people when they died after you PK them even though the the window pop up. ;) ;)
  14. Hi!

    Welcome to Celestia Luna honey ;)