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  1. Hello there ItsMeMario. Hope you are doing well today. Could you please answer a question for me? I've been seeing the term, "beholder" a lot lately. What exactly is it and what does it do? Thank you for your time. Your fashion watcher; Lil' T

    1. rinchannau


      Sorry for interfering, but I want to answer this :D

      Beholder is a mage skill to see people in stealth (stealth is a skill that make you invisible). So if you are in stealth and someone casting beholder, that person can see you.  

      *correct me if I'm wrong* 

    2. LittleTnCo65


      So kind of like; now you see me, now you don't or can. Depending on the circumstances! O_o

  2. Fee's Graceful or Painful RM?

    Well, best of luck to becoming a legend
  3. Fee's Graceful or Painful RM?

    Don't forget to get beholder. It's really useful in pvp and gw. Get all those buffs
  4. I Love This Place

    Awww. Thank you
  5. I Love This Place

    Lol. Well, that was embarrassing
  6. I Love This Place

    Hahaha. Welcome to the blue land! I hope u enjoy your stay here. p/s : is that your handmade taco?
  7. Fee's Graceful or Painful RM?

    Dont talk to farouk. If u want to get bishop, talk to luna in alker harbor. Best of luck
  8. Im back with my hq maker LMAO

    Welcome back! Have fun in the blue land!
  9. Are Quests worth doing?

    If u want to get the wing item (shark balloon or the triplet balloon) or if u want to follow the storyline(which is not that great) and yeah, u should follow the quest. But I would suggest u to just go farming and not be bothered with the quests because u can lvl up faster this way. But if u are bored and don't know what else to do in this game, u can do quests. Best of luck
  10. Date Dungeon

    Here is my suggestion. Can u guys increase the amount of exp we gain from dd while both of the player are still alive. There's a method to gain more exp in dd right now by solo dd right? How about u guys give some benefit to those that keep their partners alive by increasing the amount of exp u gain as a team compared to solo dd. This will make people want to dd with their friends more and its not just some boring solo dd for 10 times per day. Which is, when u are doing solo dd, u gain like 50% per char but when u do it as a team, u get like 70%ish or more per char. I'm kinda bored with solo dd
  11. IM BACK.

    U Can't use shield skills when u are dual wielding and u also can't use sword skills while using axe etc. All of the bugs(I think) have been fixed. Btw, welcome back to the blue land
  12. Date Dungeon Bugged

    I've been experiencing this aswell. But it only occurred when im going for lvl 101-120.other than that, its all good. And it inly occured once per 10 dd
  13. Exp scroll countdown

    If I'm using 100% exp scroll, and I went to the character selection menu, does the countdown for the scroll going down or not? Thank you in advance
  14. Enchant

    So I have been searching on this forum but I've never seen this question. Does enchantment affect the weapon's philo or what? If it does affect it, how much is it per '+'? Or does it only affect the weapon' s original p.def or p.att or etc? Because I have eva eq. If the enchant doesn't affect the philo, I don't it's worth to use puke on it aight? Please give me full explanation on how enchantment works. Thanks in advance xoxo
  15. New Crafting System - Poll

    Looking forward for the update