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  1. WB i believe you can use account recovery by here
  2. SA has lv 8 armor link accompanied with lv 8 bless vital along necro , SA are one of two jobs on 5th tier that offers lv 20 light armor passive boast with lv 7 int along lv 7 wizardry powerful manaburning skills in case the nuke failed killed your target 1 new powerful AOE : HE (basically mage version of fighter's Earthquake , only having accurate 7m range , never miss and doesn't need a weapon to cast it) favors damage over range and doesn't need a target to cast . at maxed level , outpace SOJ by % and stun time , leaving range only major difference Cardinal maxing TU requires only less SP than HJ along having better range Lv 4 opheous poem (basically party INT buff , with Lv4 gives total 45 int to all party member) aside able to wear light armor from monk/inquirer , physical deff can be increased further from Lv8 shield along Lv8 wisdom and mind barrier best healing capabilities among mages 2 new AOE : the SOJ favors range and having early 80% stun advantage than HE & HT is 4 sec last DOT skill that is effective aganist players
  3. idk most about magnus aside of that they had RI (a never miss skill) but both SA and cardinal has their own single-target nukes : Holy justice (SA) and Turn Undead (Cardinal) holy justice having advantage of fastest base casting time and no need of item requirement Turn Undead has longer range and less total SP to max ( 200 lv 10 TU vs 465 lv 30 HJ ) if cardinal is fastest casting mage , then SA has best magical crit
  4. here are most important buffs for grand master : maxed intelligence maxed wizardry lv 3 shrewd spell ( bishop ) lv 6 shield ( bishop ) armor link ( monk ) bless vital ( monk ) shrewd spell covers up grand master's obvious weakness ( cast speed ) while shield , armor link & bless vital covers up grand master's insufficient defenses & HP though not buff , but light armor expertise allows user to wear light armor , thus gaining even more P.deff
  5. when i was once member of the other forum , they has livechat
  6. some passives can be really confusing , like staff training's description said increases physical attack ( though it still increase M.A and not P.A while wielding staff/wand)
  7. 11.believe in myself (edge of life) 12.answer (no3b)
  8. Let's just live (casey lee williams) Kings (angela) masayume chasing (Boa) brave your truth (daisy x daisy) towa no kizuna (daisy x daisy) aka no kakera (yuki suzuki) never ever (tokyo girls) monochrome no kiss (sid) sociometry (kotoko) Agony (kotoko)
  9. if WR is focus on M.A , BWL P.A and BWS P.deff , then make this one focus on M.deff
  10. try redownloading another installer ?
  11. i'm using fibre cables , so its 10 mbps and this client failure ( outside of disconnection ) is first time happened when i'm using browser , its all fine
  12. same with me , tried to delete the patch and then redownloading it , it fails as well it work sometimes if i repeatedly close-open the launcher until the " play " button highlighted . this is first time i had client problem
  13. i think she meant by deleting the patch's files and have the launcher redownloading it . problem is i forgot which one is the patch files whoa , so the best way to mitigate this using the fully upgraded new equips in the update ?
  14. So , there is no boss on new map ?
  15. the way corpse explosion work turn target into living bomb but NOT harming them yet . upon their death , they damage and burn nearby foes the effect takes form of dark smoke covering the target that last 20 , it can also be stacked with single target version