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  1. some passives can be really confusing , like staff training's description said increases physical attack ( though it still increase M.A and not P.A while wielding staff/wand)
  2. 11.believe in myself (edge of life) 12.answer (no3b)
  3. Let's just live (casey lee williams) Kings (angela) masayume chasing (Boa) brave your truth (daisy x daisy) towa no kizuna (daisy x daisy) aka no kakera (yuki suzuki) never ever (tokyo girls) monochrome no kiss (sid) sociometry (kotoko) Agony (kotoko)
  4. if WR is focus on M.A , BWL P.A and BWS P.deff , then make this one focus on M.deff
  5. try redownloading another installer ?
  6. i'm using fibre cables , so its 10 mbps and this client failure ( outside of disconnection ) is first time happened when i'm using browser , its all fine
  7. same with me , tried to delete the patch and then redownloading it , it fails as well it work sometimes if i repeatedly close-open the launcher until the " play " button highlighted . this is first time i had client problem
  8. i think she meant by deleting the patch's files and have the launcher redownloading it . problem is i forgot which one is the patch files whoa , so the best way to mitigate this using the fully upgraded new equips in the update ?
  9. So , there is no boss on new map ?
  10. the way corpse explosion work turn target into living bomb but NOT harming them yet . upon their death , they damage and burn nearby foes the effect takes form of dark smoke covering the target that last 20 , it can also be stacked with single target version
  11. Yah yah......baca ini : You will not conduct real world currency, goods or service transactions with other community members for game currency, goods or services and vice-versa. artinya : " Anda tidak akan melakukan transaksi mata uang dunia nyata, barang atau transaksi layanan dengan anggota komunitas lainnya untuk mata uang permainan, barang atau jasa dan sebaliknya. " gak mematuhi ama TOSnya ( persyaratan layanan / peraturan ) nih , tau kan resikonya ???? dengan mendaftar ke game ini , otomatis anda setuju......mau atau tidak mau
  12. yeah , by quitting the client then playing it again on same client ( C : directory )
  13. pilihan simpel A : wizard-sorcerer-inquirer-cardinal ( human ) B : wizard-monk-bishop-grand master ( human ) C : wizard-sorcerer-bishop-necromancer ( human ) D : wizard-sorcerer-bishop-soul arbiter ( elf )
  14. while in middle of fairy queen hunt , her eyes somehow turned into red and yet in UI on top-left corner still shows my character's real eyes it even affects my other female characters one with shorthair was yellow color while one with ponytail had pink with happy expression
  15. i am totally speechless.....when this happen ( not by in-game ) and here's most further