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  1. welcome back and i hope you enjoy your stay, because you missed alot of new things here
  2. problem solved and back in action

    phew! now just going to need to move the files

  3. Blueland is the game's setting name, a floating continent. floating continent is common on fantasy genres (trope :
  4. MFW right after receiving a punch to the head
  5. Hello everyone, this is a thread where you post one of your pet peeves with Celestia Luna Online itself or its fandom and supplying it with a reaction image, it can range from:- A) a certain behavior players do in the game B) encounter an annoying bugs C) getting rare item from mobs D) getting PKed during farming E) Transaction gone horribly wrong F) hostile encounter during chat or even war G) etc i'll start as an example: MFW (my face when) watching someone deliberately misled newbie's question in megaphone
  6. Team Savage Idiots (along few guests) on summer meet-up, more shown here :




  7. the part 2 is here



    for those wondering about sniper series, i've decided to extend the ending because of next patch focuses on musket classes

  8. MFW redbeard boss teleporting and reappearing behind me
  9. N>Cup of coffee, still in WIP.....should be uploaded in few days........


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    2. Sky_Light12


      you mean the screen during editing ? its like that when editing

    3. Orange


      No, the resolution of your game client.

    4. Sky_Light12


      my setting was "1024x600"

  10. MFW trying to escape redbeard captain only to be stunned by one of his peons
  11. what a day! feeling better after that hunting for shells with a group . looking forward the next video and the commission :3

  12. take this one as example
  13. Nera Harbour new mobs showcase (this time not part of sniper series) plus with starter's editing (which includes music and a text) and admittedly i was having a hard time choosing the good music


  14. when someone is creeping on me
  15. when my client crashed because someone in party using beholder
  16. Ah what a relief, finally acquired a free video editor (also comes with screen recording) . said to be hardest free editor to understand as beginners , so i'll take my time to learn the tutorials

  17. MFW someone WM me selling an item im looking for with seller claims "remarkable offer" only for later told me "Skip"
  18. More Dakka (6th sniper video)

    can't wait the summer and new patch, heheh

  19. depends what you want in PD from exclusive costumes to secret item (i.e SP book & hunter pot) . current minimum PD should be $150
  20. the holy crusader equips are the newer PD weapon that included recent patch , outdating the PD weapon like BOS for example and no, the private donation is still exists
  21. is there a list of buff that increase speed of PA skills aside rampage aura and item with such status ?
  22. it can be these reason: connection issues bringing a pet in DD ( except a map like damp cavern ) triggers a bug that delay/prevent mobs spawning and will not register the DD complete even after killing all mobs you left one or few monster survived you can simply just use map from DD
  23. War

    what about setting the time limit ? when one side choose to declare a war , the next option aside target guild should be "Time Limit" starting from 5 minutes to 1 hour . once they decide the target and time limit , the other side should be received confirmation along shown time limit
    1. Sky_Light12


      once i got the L.armor 135 , that should be final video for sniper gameplay series