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  1. [Fighter] How to being a Crusader Full Guide

    keep using mace , otherwise you cannot use prayer skills at all with wands

  3. Costume & Accessory Suggestions

    gingerbread mask (head/face acc) snowflake channel (backgear , basically similar like spellbreaker , except the spinning circle was replaced by snowflake) santa's sack/bag (backgear) snowflake sunglasses (face acc , basically a heart sunglasses except the lens now shaped like snowflake) Ski goggles (face acc) Ski boards (backgear) "Naughty" and "Nice" sign (head acc , similar to "GF" , "BF" & guild sign)
  4. Looking this game

    they already removed GP long ago due multivoters and they replace premium with gems
  5. Lupa ID

  6. Question

    RM-exclusives were tipped at lv 4 meanwhile common buff such as shield is on par as cardinal's Lv 8
  7. "Remember when...." thread

    the day we can use skill items ? y'know ,mage can stealth with kynee , a swordmaster that dual wields ice sword can use blizzard and use bloodstream through trinket and remember when the time fighters can use SB on axes ? good times! remember when the time markets in NC channel 3 ? i remember this is the thread recalling your old days playing CLO , someone you've missed , something you've missed from older patch in CLO , etc.
  8. "Remember when...." thread

    remember the announcement " X has just become resident of blueland! "
  9. Has Anyone Watched RWBY yet ?

    apparently volume 4 ( season 4 ) is out
  10. Has Anyone Watched RWBY yet ?

    apparently season 5 is out !
  11. Spoiler



    1. oOUcuppOo


      wew shadow's fight.

    2. Sky_Light12
    3. oOUcuppOo


      skillnya suram kok bisa mirip profesor Xavier :v

  12. Halloween Accessories

    a "#1 player" coffee mug works like pump up pumpkin "bladewing" a backgear consist of flying swords forming a pair of wings "horse mask" example devil trident backgear jester hat example steampunk goggles example candy necklace example crystals wings a la flandre scarlet
  13. Mage class path for solo fighting

    well your only viable option for solo-capable elf mage was soul arbiter for stats , mages generally choose INT and VIT . some go for full , other mix INT and VIT because INT increases Magical attack and VIT covers up mage's traditional weakness of P.deff one of good example guide for SA here :
  14. Inventory Bags

    you can buy them from alice (inventory expansion)
  15. lvl 80-85 2 handed sword

    its random prefixed weapon from fairy queen though you could craft an imitation of such sword however, since fairy queen not just drop weapon but also commonly drops HQ
  16. lvl 80-85 2 handed sword

    for emperors sword, one with prefix stat (green color) can be dropped by fairy queen (she may drops other prefix weapon in similar levels) as far as i remember, the stats perhaps 20 or 25
  17. Rune Silence

    i would also wish if crusader's debuff clearing ability cancels silence on top of being immune from silence
  18. [Reactions] Your Face When...

    Hello everyone, this is a thread where you post one of your pet peeves with Celestia Luna Online itself or its fandom and supplying it with a reaction image, it can range from:- A) a certain behavior players do in the game B) encounter an annoying bugs C) getting rare item from mobs D) getting PKed during farming E) Transaction gone horribly wrong F) hostile encounter during chat or even war G) etc i'll start as an example: MFW (my face when) watching someone deliberately misled newbie's question in megaphone
  19. [Reactions] Your Face When...

    MFW when two destroyers making "conspiracies" of me
  20. [Fighter] How to being a Crusader Full Guide

    well RK benefit crusader extra 1 stun/nevermiss skill , aura (making party buffing much more efficient) and manastorm (while its not at the best level, but combine with crusader's wisdom makes this path by far has best max mana, even more than most average mages) with this guide , you'll be making good name in no time
  21. [Fighter] How to being a Crusader Full Guide

    very impressive from a crusader master i wonder if there is RK variation
  22. Hello To All

    welcome back and i hope you enjoy your stay, because you missed alot of new things here
  23. problem solved and back in action

    phew! now just going to need to move the files