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  1. Good Day For Everyone

    YOLO! :D cant wait to meet you in game
  2. Tarintus Spawn?

    thanks bro!
  3. Tarintus Spawn?

    so 1 tarintus and kierra per channel or 1 of each at 1 server?
  4. Tarintus Spawn?

    well as the title say...When does Tarintus Spawn? at what time?
  5. Sb Skill?

    hey is sonic boom bug?? cause for what i know lvl 25 sonic boom has 493 damage but my SB(Lvl 25) has only 344? and this: lvl 20 SB=344 lvl 25 SB=493 thats for what i know and is it bug?
  6. It's Better To Be Sure :)

    ok sir thanks ^_^
  7. It's Better To Be Sure :)

    soo ill be asking about multi-vote? since i cant find the right answers on different topics....ill make a new topic :D Yes i know multi voting is bad but....for example i have 2 accounts and each of it has 120 lvl char?yes its multi-voting but is it considered legal or illegal? and also in this Pserver is voting system here 1IP=1 Vote or 1ID=1 Vote? Ok dont think of me as rule breaker im just making sure..... its better to be sure than to regret in the end ^_^
  8. Idk

    wow yeh...its wrong oh right haha
  9. Name suggestions for numbered nameless equipment

    To late to suggest but owell hahaha ^_^
  10. Now Playing???

    All time Low Dirty Work Album/Nothing Personal Album :)
  11. Pinoy Attendance

    Thursday, October 30th 1. John 2. Nog
  12. Pinoy Attendance

    Wednesday, October 29th 1. Nog
  13. Pinoy Attendance

    Tuesday, October 28th 1. John 2. Lau 3. Zep
  14. Hyy All

    sup :3
  15. Pinoy Attendance

    Monday, October 27th 1. John 2. Zep