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  1. Yellow!

    Welcome ^_^
  2. Something New This New Year

    Hoping for a new update this new year ^_^ More power and God Bless to the admins... Thank you!
  3. Happy New Year Everyone <3

    Before we all get busy I would like to greet you all with a Happy and prosperous new year...
  4. I cant see any racism here ^_^ All I see are 2 characters arguing about a certain spot... If you can't get into the spot just share it and form a party...
  5. Looking For My Guild Mates (Core)

    wow nice ^_^ welcome back
  6. Proposed Solution That Can Help Avoid Rmt

    Good day sir, With all due respect... What I am trying to say is to have a market board (I dont know if i am allowed to mention games) but to give you an exact idea... My suggestion would look closely like dota2 lounge (sorry for mentioning games...). My point here is... If a player posted an item on the market board and I want that Item... I would definitely donate to the server so I can buy that item since the transaction can only be done in Premium Points. In this way those persons who are selling items for Real money will not profit since the transaction in the said market board is legal and it will also avoid scamming. And I can't see any reason on how the sealing of characters sky rocketed the RMT since the transaction is made on the games official site. anyway thanks for the response about my suggestion... more power and God bless.
  7. Proposed Solution That Can Help Avoid Rmt

    Hmmmm you had the idea of character selling wrong... I will elaborate things... Your user ID will not be sold to the buyer only the character itself. 1. I will sell my level 150 character and I will put it in the community market for 150pp. 2. The charactersID/name will not be displayed... 3. The only thing that will be displayed is its path (mage - wizard - monk -warlock - cardinal), level , along with its stats. 4. When the character is bought the market will then take out 5-10% as tax. (profit for the server right?) 5. When the character is bought it will be automatically moved to the buyers account and he will rename the bought character. Well I think this method will help solve RMT issue because lazy players can now buy characters legally on the server itself. The profit will not go to other person but directly to the server side so that the server can be maintained. This is a good marketing side for the server ^_^ If they are too lazy to make a new character, then let them buy it in the legal way. hahaha
  8. A section in Celestia Luna's official site wherein players can post trade there character,items and yes including gold BUT those character,items and gold posted MUST ONLY BE BOUGHT BY PREMIUM POINTs. In this way players will no longer transact through RMT anymore. Players gain Premium points if the character,item or gold they are selling is bought. Those PP earned by the sellers can be used to buy the item they want. This can widen the games economy and will increase the profit of the game because for every transaction made the only mode of payment will only be PREMIUM POINTS.
  9. Dungeon Dates

    I want to suggest that there would be a new map to grind or to serve as hunting grounds for levels 132 above since the experience in grave drops down so low when you reach 132...
  10. Lucky Box 77

    This job helps a lot ^_^
  11. Pinoy Attendance

    PRESENT ^_^
  12. Missing Items

    parang impossible naman mawalan ka items ^_^
  13. Price Check

    Yeah 80B
  14. Any Event On Christmas?

    Happy holidays ^_^