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  1. Job Passives Preview

    I suggest give the paladin a % HP instead of high pdef maybe 10% pdef and 8% hp? pdef too OP
  2. cloak of kingdom knights

    i was hoping we can put our cloak of kingdom knights in our storage who else wants this? :)
  3. Date Dungeon Bugged

    sometimes it happen sometime it doesen't.
  4. Date Dungeon Bugged

    same thing happen to me.
  5. Sahel Monsters Feedback

    beetween 300-600damage and my hp is 24k. w/ 4.8k patk
  6. Sahel Monsters Feedback

    I want to know how many Def require in dif mob especially taktak monster and dragons cos im using a entrap with 6.5k Def but they still hit hard. And hard to hit them back even tho im fully buffed
  7. HELP ME

    hmm I can play now already i think the problem is about IP adrress because i went to my gf's house and tried playing it works just fine there. so i change my IP. and it finally work :)
  8. HELP ME

    having the same problem too I already tried doing the instruction above but still doesn't work . anti virus is disabled but the result is still the same. tried reinstalling it a couple of times. i really dont know the problem wish you can help us :(
  9. gagal patch

    i have the same problem too. I already tried to delete the version and repatch it but the result is still the same. need help please, thank you :)
  10. Server down? Look here

    is server down? no log in screen.
  11. Game client crash after choosing channel

    i think its because of the anti virus. try to repatch the client and disable the anti virus before you launch it.
  12. Musket's

    Why we cant use philopher's stones on our muskets?