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  1. north America

  2. Ask why you are banned here!

    Please check ID:dhio
  3. Stucking Boss

    thats okay, i think :28:
  4. getting attacked by other players?

    if you being killed by someone who doing PK, you will not lose your item. but if you're doing PK and someone kill you, theres a chance they will get your item.
  5. How to farm

    Oh right, you should have 5 family members, invite your homies, or make another char in difference account :D
  6. How to farm

    1.look your seed lvl, if it say lvl 3 you should have farm field with lvl 3 the dirt, be sure you're realy close with spot the seed from your inventory. give that thing fertilizer,buy at MBP sorry bad english, hope u understand