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  1. What the best job tanker?

    There are many possible build on every character/class in game, I,m just stating some.. the tread creator is asking, so i replied with some builds but not elaborating it.. If you are so pro on things, then make your own list and answer the question in this tread. This is not a debate tread
  2. What the best job tanker?

    If you want a Full tank character with so much block rate, low attack damage and High HP, make a paladin If you want a Tank With Decent Damage, Good HP, decent block rate and Support to party members choose Magnus If you want a Tank with Good damage, High block rate, Good HP and Good Support to party members choose Crusader
  3. about my lost items

    Please explain more on what you are pertaining to do, you cant transfer philo , enhancement and enchantment stats from one item to another
  4. share your war strategies/tactics

    Im newbie at war but these are some factors I think that will help you in winning a war 1. Move Speed ( very important in war, i will not elaborate it) 2. If you are not a tank, don't go at the front lines, Always hit and run (after casting skill, don't stay on the same position, always move then come back again after skill cool down) 3. Always spam your skills 4. Don't go away from your party/guild mates/unions unless you have the balls to be focused fire by all the enemies 5. If your a damager, make sure you make your character build, even if you die, and don't have full buffs, your damage can hit and damge or even kill an enemy 6. Make sure before you die, you kill one or more enemy 7. Don't go near spawn point 8. If you are a tank, don't go too deep on the enemy position, cause no one can tank a whole union, just stick to your union front line position and absorb some damage, if your hp became critically low, go at the back lines then heal, after that go again at front lines, your purpose is to absorb damage, stun and crowd control so that damagers of your union can move and kill swiftly and fast. 9. Do go for enemies that lure you, you will be ambushed 10. If you're a mage stay at long range, maintain and always move at random position within you're union position and spam your DOT , AOE and crowd control skill (stun, freeze etc), Always HIT AND RUN NEVER TANK and also always use your beholder skill ( for backstabbing rouges) 11. If you are a melle/longrange damager or a mage be a good scout, don't just look at front lines also look around your union postion for backstabbing rouges, you're role is not just to kill enemies it is also to scout and observe enemy movements 12. As for formation I don't think anyone can maintain a formation especially if the war takes too long, it will only make confusion to union, just stick to above I said and I think you're good to go Note: using strategies/tactic does not mean you are dirty in war, you are just using your BRAIN...
  5. Does Log shot give range more for all bow skill?

    at the moment it works on normal attack, but on skills it doesnt work, ive tested it many times with my elf aa
  6. pano po magdonate? using phone?

    welcome ate
  7. pano po magdonate? using phone?

    If you are referring to a normal donation thru website follow mo to ate. Gawa ka ng MOL account, eto ang website, then after mo maka create ng account, login ka sa website ng MOL, may makikita ka sa left side na payment channels, hanapin mo and then click mo ang payment channel na "7-connect" ,then may lilitaw na mga denomination, pili ka kung magkano gusto mo I donate. Then after makapili, follow mo lang instructions, may mag pop-up na 7-connect bar code, isulat mo sa papel ang barcode number or I print mo, dalhin mo sa 7-eleven, then ipakita mo sa counter ung bar code, sabihin mo lang 7-connect payment, after your payment itago mo ang receipt for backup purposes, login ka ulit sa MOL website, then check your MOL account kung pumasok na ang load mo, note that, real time ang pag loload sa 7connect para syang load sa prepaid cellphone, kaya makukuha mo agad ang mol points mo right after ma bayaran sa 7-eleven, so far wala pa naman ako na encounter na delay ang pag dating ng Load. Ngayon after mo mag ka load, mag login ka sa celestia luna website, press mo ung donate sa menu, then choose mo ung MOL points, after non follow mo lang ung mga susunod na instructions then ayun na, makakapag donate kana.
  8. Beta Testing Team Sign-ups

    IRC Name: GustavMost used character name: GustvaPendragonSpoken Languages: English, Filipino, SpanishAge: 29Time playing Luna Online: 8 yearsTime playing Celestia Luna: 3.5 yearsHave you been a beta tester before? (do not include server names)YesWhy do you want to join the Beta Testing Team?I want to help and be part of the team that will bring more contents and update to the game i love, celestia luna online.
  9. Pinoy Attendance

    good day bro Hindi mo kailangan ng credit card para makapag PD, kailangan mo lang ng isang active sim card, i download mo sa app store ang PAYMAYA, then register mo ang number ng simcard mo sa paymaya, Bibigyan ka ng paymaya ng sarili mong VISA card na maaari mong gamitin kahit saang online transaction, PAYPAL, MOL, kahit anong transaction basta tumatanggap ng VISA, ngayon para ma loadan mo sa 7-Eleven ka lang mag papa load.. napakadali lang
  10. Pinoy Attendance

    GustavPendragon Destro :))
  11. Surfer Suit Stats

    thanks for the reply :)
  12. Surfer Suit Stats

    Hi every one just happen to see someone buying surfer suit, i wonder whats stats does it give? anyone can tell me?
  13. Pa Help Po

    thanks guys, sa very informative na sagot, balak ko din mag pd, kaya iniisip ko kung mag lagay ako ng high stat na vit, maka survive kaya ang character ko, planning to make my str na pumalo sa 900+
  14. Hp Cap, Dex And Pdef Etc

    thankyou for the correction :)
  15. waiting and waiting and ....