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  1. vset vit58 offer
  2. Yes, but for how long maybe gonna change to like swordstorm,sb etc hehehee
  3. Up
  4. Pharaoh how much
  5. yesterday im looking for my missing item, but now i found yes i think that char the bag is empty. nvm now maybe i will delete that char, thanks for reply much appreciated. :))
  6. +13glove vit29.5 +7neck vit28.5 = 75b
  7. note: BELIBIS
  8. Sir GM, im not sure whether this is common problem or not, but i have 4 char in this acc, one of my char cant appear after i click him, other char is ok but only this one.he is in gate of alker Hope you can help me. nick problem char is : iLOGAN Thanks in advance.
  9. update
  10. aaa...
  11. ups
  12. Selling: Glove 1) +12 hb glove strike 25+ 2) +12 hb glove dex30 3) +12 hb glove str 22 5) +13 CB glove vit26 str9.8 6) +7 hb glove str20 strike9 Neck 1) +7 hb neck dex22 str10 2) +7hb neck pa19.7 3) +7cb neck str29.7 4) +7hb neck pa20 5) +7 & +12 vneck vit25+ Sets +13/+7 Vset vit58.0 Hb set +13/12 str37.7 strike 18.1 dex18.5 crit12.6 max rein 35 700hp reply or note : BELIBIS by [email protected]
  13. Phantalsm hw much
  14. I have install DirectX9 link above...but thinks like this or error always happened and if click ok late will cause dc.. help pls thanks in advance :)
  15. ill buy dat