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  2. client kept crashing once i started the game. Need help!
  3. Would it be bugged if i'm going to max out those skills? In Skill calc it says no additional damage if skill is more than level 20.
  4. Is the server down? Patcher says failed to communicate the server.
  5. Mental Vortex is bugged since this server has started.
  6. Guys do you have solution for this issue? Anyone? Share it to me please.
  7. What i said was use chival + hb gloves and not the whole set to avoid set effect of - pdef. Just my opinion though.
  8. use chival+h.gloves+115boot that will give you more def
  9. I got the same problem aswell. :(
  10. I didn't know that its a server. My apologies for that, I just wanna make sure that i'm entering a safe website.
  11. Guys does [removed] link working on you?
  12. Thank you.
  13. Any other link guys?
  14. I had installed silverlight and working just fine before, right now whenever i'm trying to open the homecast.com link it's directing me to a different site that says page not found. I tried it already with mozilla, opera, IE but same thing always happen >.<