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  1. Glad to be back

    I've been having a good time playing the game. Thanks for your greetings Maam Orange.
  2. Glad to be back

    Hello celestians... im so happy to see all of you again... I'm glad to be back again hahaha...
  3. Re-stat doubt

    Thanks, your the best orange! Keep up the good work.
  4. Re-stat doubt

    Hello everyone Im uncertain about the re-stat. What if u dlvl and re-stat, will u get the same stat before or it will decrease due to the fact ur lvl went down? I would be glad if someone can give me a definite answer... Tnx guys...
  5. Easter Sunday Event?

    I was just wondering, is there a Easter Sunday event happening tomorrow? If there will be a kind of event, i would like to cooperate to the event and win stuffs.
  6. New Crafting System - Poll

    I love it!
  7. Summer Postcard Event!

    IGN: Ghondex
  8. Pinoy Attendance

    present po mga kuya
  9. Confused

    Welcome bro
  10. Fanart Contest 2017

    IGN: Ghondex
  11. Slow Internet Connection In-Game?

    I was so confuse of what is going on, my internet in browsing if very fast, likewise to other games, but Celestia Luna Online is super slow. Why is that?
  12. Is Papyrus page 4 still in-game?

    I was looking for papyrus page 4 and someone whisper me its not in-game anymore, it that true?
  13. What is the max lvl of berserker of destro?

    what is the max lvl of berserker in destro and the evasion of the max lvl?
  14. What is the max lvl of berserker of destro?

    well i guess they will have to fix it then, it's kinda confusing if you don't now about it.
  15. Slow Internet Connection In-Game?

    oh okay
  16. What is the max lvl of berserker of destro?

    im so cofused sir orange.
  17. Can Both gemini activate set effect?

    Hello good sirs, can both gemini activate the set effect of the gemini and castors? Please answer honestly. TQ
  18. Q>Philo in 5 row?

    Hello guys, is it possible to have a 5 rows of same stats?
  19. Fishing bug

    As you can see in the picture i was not fishing, as shown in the fishing tab, and when i click my bait its says that i was fishing.
  20. Fishing bug

    it does work! thank you sir orange, but that still a bug right?
  21. Lucky Hunter Potion/Scroll (?)

    well that's plenty of EXP Lucky Hunter you got there mate!spare some my friend!
  22. Lucky Hunter Potion/Scroll (?)

    how did you get that sir vincard? i would like to have 1 for my farmer.
  23. [ROUGE] Managing Blade taker --need help!

    cheap items like +7ak [p]10str, hercules band 14p.a, [p]17str, trans gloves [p]8str, fds belt 19.2p.a, g.armor+7 [p]19str, flick 2pcs 16p.a each, hathor [p]19str 2pcs, helios [p]13ms. I think only cost all in all 21b i think. You also need rm buff and destro buff tho, to reach that kind of pa. ^^
  24. [ROUGE] Managing Blade taker --need help!

    if you only have 4k-4.3k, the 104 mob is not 1 hit bro, only the other will get 1 hit.
  25. [ROUGE] Managing Blade taker --need help!

    if you are planning to have a farmer, its better to make entrapper elf rather than BT, because entrapper elf is the real deal for farming, for the reason it has a lvl 4 extortion, and base on my experience, entrapper elf doesn't require the best items, just cheap items will do. If you reach the p.a of 4.7k and a crit of 1.7-2k, assurance of 1 hit mobs in nh. just make sure your p.def is 2k up.... sorry if this reply is out of topic, but if you want to have a better farmer than your BT, entrapper elf is better. Thank you and more love!