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  1. Recover of Account

    Aww, I recovered my accounts 1month ago, till now no response ampf
  2. Active paba kayu mga pinoy?

  3. Plushy Companion Backpack Giveaway!

  4. EXP Event

  5. costum request

    Nike Shoes :D
  6. Help me Orange please

    Ok, it will be one month on march 25 ,hope i will recover it soon ty
  7. Help me Orange please

    http://file:///C:/Users/Ivan/Documents/Bandicam/bandicam%202016-03-23%2000-45-11-060.jpg Till now i didnt recieve any email of recovery for my account , since Feb. Hope u can help me sir
  8. Answer please

    How many days can take in Recovering Account? I recover it Feb.21 2016 , until now i didnt recieve the answer of the Staffs.
  9. Old papyrus document

    I cant find Page 4 too :v
  10. hello all members

    Try Here :D http://forum.celesti...count-recovery/
  11. Help me :'(

    Thanks a lot sir
  12. Help me :'(

    How can i recover my char? Someone stole it :v I hope you can help me sir/guys
  13. Why i cant report a player?

    Btw , Thanks sir :D
  14. Why i cant report a player?

    Why i cant report a player? I always see a 'Protected Forum' :< Please help me i want to report someone.
  15. BWL and Perma Bachelor

    The Puke too , 100% Exp is 12gp and Puke is 6gp , why the puke is 400m? and the 100% is 200m? Lol think