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  1. The Basic Fighter

    Panzer fixed yet?
  2. The Basic Fighter

    Is Panzer fixed yet!?!?
  3. AOE skills

    If you're talking about AOE skills, you only need earthquake, sword storm and wheel wind. I have taken the same path. However, if you have already chosen gladiator, then you have done a huge mistake, pal. You get little to none defense. For a very fun gameplay starting from 105, you really need to take Panzer. Here's a guide to assist you in tanking and putting your AOE skills to use.
  4. Entrapper

    I say evasion. My brother is an elf entrapper and evasion is a great asset to him.
  5. Questions about musket

    What skills from Panzer are AOE?
  6. Questions about musket

    I can't upgrade or philo it, as well as not having the crafting bonus. When it is finally fixed, do I get the crafting bonus right away or will I have to recraft it and so?
  7. Questions about musket

    I've just crafted the level 105 and 110 muskets. Why don't they give me the crafting bonus?
  8. Questions about musket

    I found out how to get Fairy Abrasives. However, the screenshots aren't loading in the link you've placed, Mind typing it, please? EDIT: To anyone that has been looking through this guide, destruct 90-105 weapons from Nera. They'll give it,
  9. Questions about musket

    'Fairy Abrasives'? 'Flame Bow'? 'Chaos Bow'? I'd need more explanation where to get those, please.
  10. Questions about musket

    I would like to thank everyone that has helped me until now with this. I had no idea which where to go or what to do. Back on topic: Any idea when is musket training getting fixed?
  11. Questions about musket

    Am I recommended to switch to musket when all bugs are fully configured or do I switch right away?
  12. Questions about musket

    I saw while I was looking for the firearm mold that I needed a 'Magic flame'? And when I successfully finish with the mold, is it a lot harder to successfully craft the musket?
  13. Questions about musket

    Can I get more information, please? I have no idea what is a mold and where to craft it and how toncraft it. Totally new to the construction system and I think I'll need a lot of help regarding this matter. A detailed guide is appreciated.
  14. Questions about musket

    Thanks for telling me. EDIT: How do I get a musket, though? I have no idea uptil now.
  15. Questions about musket

    Can I get a musket yet or is it still bugged? The skill icons that were bugged seem to be fixed. I was wondering if the musket is also fixed(As a weapon and class)