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  1. Loots Filter

    The answer would be your forum nickname.
  2. ABOUT passive

  3. Ask Q>

    You can only use the skill while wearing 1h weapon + shield, as its name implies. It can't be used otherwise.
  4. Dual wield for BT

    Are you sure you have worn 2 daggers?
  5. Price Check

    Belt of wisdom: 80b-90b Farouk's Crystal Ball: 15b-25b Are you talking about Healthy Worm? It gives VIT+15, WIS+10 and Cast Speed+5% instead. Costs around 6b-7b
  6. Musket Training Panzer

    I found that my panzer's p.a didn't increase as well. The passive is for musket use only, though.
  7. Unselling

    But before selling things, you're given a chance to abort. It doesn't hurt to have the buyback system, though. I like the idea.
  8. About Corpse Take and Corpse Explosion

    The answer is there.
  9. Failed to patch version 19...

    UPDATE: This is the moment I've been waiting for! I copied the entire game folder (patched) from another working computer and it's working now. Thank you. You can close this thread if you want.
  10. Failed to patch version 19...

    It happens as soon as I launch the client patcher.
  11. Failed to patch version 19...

    I don't use any of them. Everything was fine before Patch 1.7.1., I got no patching problems on last February. I'll just wait for the updated installer.
  12. Failed to patch version 19...

    The problem wasn't on my connection either. I've tried restarting my router, but the problem still persists. I also tried connecting to my portable hotspot but nothing solved the issue. I'll be waiting for the updated installer.
  13. I don't know what happened but my client won't download the data. The client gives me this error instead and it wasn't like this before the patch came. I have tried everything I could. I read the technical help posts by @Orange, tried re-installing it, disabled my windows firewall, but to no avail. There's no antivirus software installed on my laptop, so that can't be the cause. Need help
  14. Setelah kamu login forum, cari Assistance -> Character Report (atau klik link disini), jangan lupa upload screenshot kalau ada. Dulu spot claiming dianggap pelanggaran dan bisa diban, sekarang tidak lagi.
  15. Philosopher's stones

    This would be good and bad at the same time. (more bad effects...) Good: - You'll spend less gold on the stones - You'll be imba in just a short period of time, if you get the desired stats. - Slight chance of having an increase on equipment prices; given the price of the "new philo stone" is quite expensive. (I doubt it...) Bad: - P2W (pay to win), assume the "item" will be sold in IM. - Since it's easy to get good stats on philo, prices will go down. - Good equipments everywhere (see bullet 2) - The imbued item won't be special anymore, no more bragging. What if you used a thousand "new philo stones" and still don't get the stats you want?