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  1. Cuenta baneada

    <shoutbot> User Hedenyer banned for reason 'KS [Laurel]'
  2. Job Passives Preview

    Oops, that was silly of me. There's no mention of what you said, so I thought the stat will stack. (Even though the example has implied it)
  3. Job Passives Preview

    @Orange had given an example for the calculation lol Do the math: Warrior -> P.atk +1% (SM path Lv1) Mercenary -> Patk +2% Crit dmg +2% (Destro path Lv1) Knight -> Patk +3% (SM path Lv2) Destroyer -> Patk+5% Crit dmg +5% (Destro path Lv2) So, in the end, you'll get a total of +11%+8% Patk and +7% +5% crit dmg. CMIIW
  4. discord

    Ada tombol di pojok kiri atas forum atau lewat link ini.
  5. My account is banned because of same IP :(

    Nope, solo DD is not illegal. Letting someone die in battle so you can get all the EXP is not prohibited.
  6. bow tie

    Yes, it exists. Salam Boss at Dried Gazell Fall drops it.
  7. "Remember when...." thread

    Remember the time when we used to vote for gold points
  8. check my id dreamlow1 and dreamlow11

    You should have posted this in either these threads: <shoutbot> User dreamlow1 banned for reason 'Hacking [Gary]Hacking [Gary]' <shoutbot> User dreamlow11 banned for reason 'Hacking [Gary]'
  9. Where can i find the wild mantis

    I suppose both monsters are only available in Luna+ so they got disabled. Wild Mantis drops Medusa's Wand and Heart Stone of Evil in Luna+, and here you can get the same items from Fighter in the Wind and Huge Mummy. Mistress (Hornet Boss) drops Heart Stone of Evil as well as Euryale's Bow which Austere Grand Master Boss drops.
  10. Back to the Account

    Go to this link and start creating a ticket for your account recovery.
  11. Semua pet punya stat yang sama alias gak beda. Pet lebih baik dipakai buat nge-heal/support buff dibanding attacker.
  12. Problem Check ID

    Klik disini
  13. Problem Check ID

    <shoutbot> User william1717 is not banned
  14. Halloween Accessories

    Face: Skull Face (a mask showing bottom half of your face, i.e. jaw bones) Eye-popping Glasses (a pair of glasses with stretched eyes on) Head: RIP Sign (looks similar to Guild Member Sign, but replaced with cross with RIP board attached) Back: Giant Pumpkin Bag (revamped version of Pump Up Pumpkin for back accessory) Gargoyle Wings (similar to what Gargoyles/Predator Gargoyles have) Skeleton (chibi version of skeleton figure in real life)