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  1. Sinyal jelek mungkin?
  2. Supaya kalian semua dapat respon cepat dari admin @Orange, langsung buat post di thread baru pakai bahasa Inggris.
  3. <shoutbot> User kemaladewi banned for reason 'Suspended (contact staff) [Orange]' Akun kamu disuspend (indo: digantung), mungkin karena dihack. Disitu terlihat jelas kamu harus contact staff/admin untuk lebih detailnya.
  4. I would assume the PaymentWall team did not make the said mobile operator available for the highest denomination. You can just simply pick other options and accumulate your transaction up to IDR100k.
  5. You can try either Cardinal, Necromancer or Soul Arbiter if you are a mage and Magnus if you are a fighter. Guides (spoiler) vvv
  6. Are you sure you follow his path correctly? Fast Heal will be there in your skill learning window once you have changed your job to Bishop.
  7. Yeah, we still have gems event but only for special occasions. Last gem events were held in January and March, if I recall correctly.
  8. In case you don't know what botting is: Sourced from Wikipedia: Using bots is generally against the rules of current massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), but a significant number of players still use MMORPG bots for games like RuneSc*pe. In MUDs, players may run bots to automate laborious tasks: this activity can sometimes make up the bulk of the gameplay.
  9. ~40b
  10. Have you tried downloading it using IDM? You can download the client faster this way.
  11. <shoutbot> User ario2584 banned for reason 'Griefing [Orange]'
  12. Enchanting to +13 requires luck, patience and a lot of gold. You need several Guild Wizard's Scrolls and Blessed Pukerian Scrolls, equip yourself with GWS while enchanting and when it fails, your enchant level will decrease by 1, that is +11. Then, you can use your Puke to bring the level back to +12. Repeat the process until you succeed.
  13. That's not the point, you aren't allowed to resize the template that has been given in the first place and you have to spare some blank spaces between the frame and your screenshot. You can see others' example.
  14. help

    There are no specific values you must achieve for the stats, because it depends on what equipments you are wearing, which stat(s) you are putting the points to and your finances. Technically speaking, evasion and strike work like a balancing weighing scale. You need comparable strike to fight against evasion-typed players (otherwise most of your attacks would miss) and vice versa (i.e. you are more vulnerable to attacks from high strike opponents if your evasion value is lower from their strike value). 1500 critical rate is enough because it is 100% guaranteed that you will always be landing critical hits at said rate.