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  1. <shoutbot> User knigt9 banned for reason 'Hacked [Orange]' Someone must have been accessing your account and to prevent unwanted things from happening, Admin @Orangebanned it instead. To reset you password, go to this link and enter your username and registered email address. In case you have forgotten your email address, you have to create a ticket through here Be aware that the ticket process may take a long time. To register another account, just go to this link and fill out the form. Once you have finished the registration, you are ready to play.
  2. I don't think they would increase the exp any further. The EXP base had increased 150% times the original. Doing solo will definitely give much higher EXP since you're the only one getting it. As long as the other person is still alive, the EXP is shared among the party.
  3. <shoutbot> User taeyang911 banned for reason 'fraud suspect'
  4. <shoutbot> User maniakfunki banned for reason 'RMT [Orange]'
  5. <shoutbot> User dainieldainiel banned for reason 'Hacking accounts [Orange]'
  6. The drop rate in this server is significantly boosted, just saying.
  7. Karena harus private donation untuk equip +15 dan dilarang untuk dijual, legalnya max +14. Kecuali kalau kamu coba +14->+15 sendiri dan berhasil (perlu screenshot untuk bukti).
  8. I guess most of us have moved to Discord.
  9. Judging from @Orange decision on Sword Storm, I'm pretty sure there will be no weapon requirement for weapon-locked skills.
  10. You need gems in order to buy something at the website's gem store. To access it, first you have to log in. You must be talking about private donation. You have to contact @Orange for doing so.
  11. Ctrl+Z, you can't (can) hide speech bubbles anyway.
  12. Perhaps @Evasion was suggesting for blue as the colour of new UI instead of beige. Maybe you could add some other color options like the current UI.
  13. Are you sure you didn't misplace it? Items can't disappear by itself unless you accidentally throw it.
  14. We've reached the 100th votes, guys!
  15. It hurts a lot because the tak tak area is meant for group farming, not solo (as well as blackhorn area).