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  1. Yeah, I wonder that too. It might get fixed someday.
  2. Well... I believe there's a section called "Bug Reports" in this forum.
  3. Do you still have your character stuck in the DD? The unstick character is not yet functional at the moment.
  4. Lv 1 - 30 = 1 ~ 6 stats Lv 31 - 50 = 4 ~ 12 stats Lv 51 - 80 = 8 ~ 18 stats Lv 81 - 110 = 12 ~ 24 stats Lv 111 - 130 = 16 ~ 30 stats Lv 131 - 150 = 20 ~ 50 stats There's no correlation between the crafter's level and the probability of getting max craft bonus. It depends solely on your luck. If you're super lucky, you can even get a 50-stat right away on your first try.
  5. Who told you these false information? The penalty is still there even after you maxed out the DW Expertise.
  6. Someone had ranted about this matter as well. Using the skill doesn't get you banned at all, it's just that most people/guilds have this kind of rule, both in duel and war, so that they would have a fair battle. Blame the crybabies.
  7. That means the system prevents you from accessing that ID of "yours". I don't think it would be recoverable unless you can prove that the banning was a mistake. (Unlikely to happen, I'd say)
  8. The function has not yet been enabled. I would assume it functions exactly the same as the old teleportation system for stuck characters.
  9. You can click the "HELP" button on the purchase page, then select the "Did not receive your good or service?". Locate the order you have problem with and provide your email address, fill the question box and submit it. The company will reply you via email. In case your payment attempt isn't shown there, click "Can't find my payment" underneath the missing order list. Be sure to provide your transaction receipt (i.e your screenshots above).
  10. Well, permanent banned accounts are not retrievable unless it is proven that you were mistakenly banned for any false accusations.
  11. Well, since that ID is no longer welcome here, you can create another one. Have fun.
  12. If that's the case, I would assume someone had logged into your account back then and used your ID to do RMT. You can start over by making a new ID.
  13. I can't help much but @Fifin has posted some mage-related calculations in this thread below.