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  1. What Are Your Top 3 Animes

    1. Overlord 2. Fairy Tail 3. Boruto : Naruto Next Generations
  2. boost NH

    idk about it dude, but what's i know is you (everyone) must use english whenever shouting with pit-a-pat megaphone, whether if you angry or not, because it's part of the rules Translate : aku tidak tahu tentang itu, tapi yg aku tahu adalah kita harus selalu menggunakan bahasa inggris kapanpun kita menggunakan megaphone( ato toa di Indonesia) karena itu adalah salah satu dari sekian bnyk peraturan. i have a farmer (booster) character too, and sometime i do have disturbed by other people too, but i'm not take it seriously, because i'm thinking it's just a game, it's not a big deal, NH has 10 channel and 2 ideal farming spot on every channel, so why don't you just give in your spot, and find it on other channel :) Translate : Aku juga punya char farmer (booster), dan emang sih kadang2 suka diganggu sama orang lain juga, tapi aku mah gak terlalu nganggep itu serius, karena aku berpikir ini hanya sebuah game, dan juga NH juga ada di semua channel (1-10) dan disetiap channel itu ada 2 spot potensial buat farming, jadi kenapa gk mengalah aja sih dan pindah ke tempat yang lain.. hehe :) :) i don't understand what you mean you still need spot claiming rules O.O, if it's true and the 'Spot Claiming' rule is banable, then you must be careful then, because you just break one of the rules in Celestia Luna by using it when you are boosting other player. (saying this is 'my spot' or whatever). Translate : aku gak mengerti yg kamu maksud dengan membutuhkan peraturan tentang 'mengklaim spot'. karena jika itu benar, dan mengklaim spot itu bisa membuat kamu terkena BAN, berarti kamu yang harus hati2 dong, karena kamu yang sebenernya sudah melawan peraturan tsb disaat kamu sedang farming (boosting) dengan berkata ini adalah spot aku. you can use google translate for in game shouting (with Megaphone), and you can share about your problem, like this on the forum ( Indonesian forum,etc). but i just want to give you advice that PLEASE only using english when you're shouting using megaphone in-game whatever the situations are (selling,buying, angry shouting, drama, etc). and FYI, I'm Indonesian too, but sometimes i speak english first to the other just in case he/she is not Indonesian. and don't mad at me :) :) :) i just want to help you hehe.. Translate : kamu bisa menggunakan google translate untuk shouting menggunakan toa, dan kamu bisa menggunakan forum untuk share permasalahan yg ada didalam game, tapi aku saranin deh sekali lagi, PLEASE gunakan hanya Bahasa inggris ketika kamu shouting didalam game apapun situasinya (jual, beli, marah2, drama,dll) dan untuk informasi juga, aku orang Indonesia juga, tapi kadang2 aku ngomong pake b.inggris dulu kalo chat sama yang lain, untuk jaga2 jika dia bukan orang indonesia. dan jangan benci aku, aku hanya ingin membantu kamu hehe.. Sorry for my bad english...
  3. boost NH

    Hi there, i'm not sure if i can help you, but about "rusuh" or disturbing other player, i don't think it's against the rules ( correct me please if i'm wrong), just share your 'spot' with her, or you can move/change to another channel, i'm not sure if you can say it's your 'spot' tho, since everybody can claim it (NH small & big hill) as his/her spot. and one more thing, PLEASE use english only when you using the Pit-a-Pat Megaphone, you can be reported for using non-english languange on your Megaphone shout. Please read the rules before playing this game, or even while you're playing this game, just read 1-5 rules is ok, so you can understand what we can and cannot do in the game. Sorry for my bad english :) :) Please don't hate me, i just give you some advice :) Translated from google : Hai, saya tidak yakin apakah saya dapat membantu Anda, tapi tentang "rusuh" atau mengganggu pemain lain, saya tidak berpikir itu bertentangan dengan peraturan (perbaiki saya jika saya salah), cukup bagikan 'tempat' Anda. Dengan dia, atau Anda bisa pindah / pindah ke channel lain, saya tidak yakin apakah Anda bisa mengatakan itu adalah 'tempat' Anda, karena semua orang dapat mengklaimnya (bukit kecil dan besar di NH) sebagai tempatnya (farm). dan satu hal lagi, PLEASE gunakan bahasa Inggris saat Anda menggunakan Pit-a-Pat Megaphone, Anda dapat dilaporkan menggunakan bahasa non-bahasa Inggris dalam menggunakan Megaphone Anda. Silahkan baca peraturan sebelum memainkan game ini, atau bahkan saat Anda sedang bermain game ini, baca saja 1-5 aturan tidak masalah, jadi anda bisa mengerti apa yang bisa dan tidak bisa kita lakukan dalam permainan. Maaf untuk bahasa inggris saya yang buruk :) :) Tolong jangan membenciku, aku hanya memberikan beberapa saran :)
  4. Spot claiming

    hi there, same with you, i really hate when someone said that it's their spot, but i've read other thread comment that say "spot claiming is not against the rules anymore" but i'm really sorry i forgot what and where's the thread on this forum. but i'm not sure if KS ing other player is not against rule now (you should go ask the GMs), and for me, if somebody PK me, i just kill that PKer. sorry for my bad english
  5. Job Passives Preview

    Hi GMs, I have a question about this update, when will this update be applied? or is it already applied? I did not check the forums lately. thank you
  6. Holy swing

    same with fearful blow skill on destroyer job, it says on description smash all target in range, but it's only single target skill, is it bug skill or just false description ? thank you for answer and sorry for my bad english.
  7. Server down? Look here

    is the server down ? why i can't login to the game, it's doing nothing after i click the server, here is the screenshot... i've try to do the things at 3 technical issues, but it still doing nothing... i've try to reinstall and re-download the client but the problem is still the same... is it only me ? or the server that currently down ? thanks in advance... sorry for my bad english
  8. Server down? Look here

    like i said before i don't have any graphical issues, since i'm using gtx 1070 with 16GB ram, so i don't think the problem was my PC. but thank god it's fix now, although there's still a bit of lag, maybe it's just because my unstable connection. I really appreciate all of your help to answering my question, i apologize for this trouble that maybe bother any of you, once again i'm really sorry
  9. Server down? Look here

    yes, but the lag is frequently not constantly, i'm curious though why i'm encountering this lag, because it's never happen to me before
  10. Server down? Look here

    i was ok with grapichal things, the lag is like when i'm using my skill ( hunter blast ) it delayed more than 3 seconds, then i got dc from the server, and when i'm trying to shout on megaphone too, it delay 1+ sec, idk if it's my connection, because my network is stable, i open web, browsing, etc, it's surf fast, no probem, i'm using wifi for connecting to the game, is connection type affect to the game too ? by the way thanks for answering my question, i'll try to check my connection again, i'll try to restart the wifi and reboot the pc... i appreciate your fast respon :) i hope i'm not having this problem again after i'm fixing my connection...
  11. Server down? Look here

    hallo GMs, i have a question about the server. is the server still down ? i don't know why but since 2 days ago, Celestia Luna is really lag, i don't know if it's because the server is down, or it is just my connection, but from what i see, everyone is encountered the same problem with me, all channel and all map is so lag. i hope GMs know what is the problem and hope Celestia Luna not laggy anymore soon. thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english hehe ... :)
  12. Server down? Look here

    is the server down ? or is it just my connection ? i can't login to the game. Please help me :)
  13. Cant patch my client

    ok, thank you for the answer
  14. Cant patch my client

    Q> Should i Uninstall old client ? or it'll add new patch to old client after i download the file ? np : sorry for my bad english :)
  15. Crafting armor level 80

    for depraved monk set ( depra set) you need karat diamonds, 1,2,3 karat diamonds, and it need other material for making a bag of light set, and it's not only depraved set you can get from that bag, you also can get transcendent set (trans set), and it's not guaranteed that you will get 1 set ( armor, glove, boots) maybe you will get many same item, like from opening 5 bag, maybe you will get 3 same armor, or maybe you will get transcendent set, not depraset :) so if you want to get depra set, i think you should just buy it than crafting it yourself...
  16. Server down? Look here

    yeah me too, it said the connection to server was broken, it happen since 1 hour ago... i think it's maintenance or something, but then i see my brother were playing, and it's ok, i don't know what happen, wether it's down or server full, every time i check users online, it's always shows 179 player were online, not increasing or decreasing... maybe GM can help us ? sorry for my bad english...
  17. Axe can't use SB and DSB ?

    Hello GM, i want to ask, why axe user can't use SB and DSB skill ? is it bug, error, or GMs decission ? it started like that since last night ( Indonesia Time ), when i tried to use SB using one hand axe it does SB animation but no damage to monster, but when using sword one hand it's normal. i hope GMs answer my question, thank you... Sorry for my bad english
  18. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    most annoying moments is when... i tried to use 1 pc Lucky box when the weather is storm*, but after i double click the lucky box, the weather changed to sunny.. aarrggghhh *( some player believe storm weather make chance for rare item increase )
  19. Illusion Attack di AR

    illusion attack is skill for stun the enemy, and the range is not so far, so i think the range of the skill could be the same if you use bow. " skill illusion attack kan skill buat stun, hit 2 kali ke musuh, jaraknya gak terlalu jauh, malah bisa dibilang deket, jadi kayanya gk ngaruh mau pake bow juga, tapi lumayan lah skill stun buat tipe bow, kalo pounding shot lama castnya. itu sih menurut aku,maafkan kalo ada salah,maklum masih nubi "
  20. Hi, i have a question, is TTS ( Titan Templar Sword ) illegal item ? My friend said that he got this sword from Fairy Queen Boss @ Valley Of Fairy and sold it with very high price, they said it's lv 78 sword with STR 50 and VIT 15 effect on it. I just want to find this item with my lv 80 Character, but my friend said i must be careful, because it's cheated item ( illegal item) is it true ? Anyone that maybe have an answer, please help me. I want to know if it's true, that TTS ( Titan Templar Sword ) illegal, or is it legal on Game. Thank you. Sorry For My bad English xD
  21. Q> Is TTS ( Titan Templar Sword) Illegal Item ?

    i don't know my friend said that it's the Effect on the sword, without philo, his nickname is iHexza, but he said he already sell the sword for around 45b, and because of that i think that was amazing, that was very high price for such low level weapon, i don't know what is the truth,but i think you are right Orange, thank you for answering my question,i just need to find the sword now, to see it by my self :)
  22. Server down? Look here

    server down ? i can't login, is anyone have same problem ?
  23. Paladin Human Path?

    i agree with Crimea, paladin from gladiator is better for human, you will get more p.a ( Burning Rage) and crit damage ( Rage burst lv 4 ) from gladi, it's better than lv 2 rage burst, that's my opinion
  24. Sulit top up pp via pulsa

    kalo mau pake unipin, kan ada unipin voucher, bia di beli di Indoma*et, nah buat cara donatenya pilih yang unipin express :D
  25. Sulit top up pp via pulsa

    kalo mau top up, aku saranin kalo bisa pake unipin aja, kalo emang mau top up pake pulsa, top up nya coba yang Rp 11500 :) biasanya kita tinggal disuruh ketik format sms, terus tinggal kirim, gak harus milih 1. Ya atau 2.Tidak :D. translate: If you want to top up, i suggest top up using unipin ( expres or wallet) because it's easier,but if you still want top up using phone balance, try to choose the Rp 11500 one, it's usually told us just to send message with the same format for every top up, so we shouldn't choose an option 1.yes or 2.No :D Sorry for my bad english xD