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  1. Oh so was I wrong if make tm as a farmer?
  2. Why i Can,t Log In?

    When was the last you log in?
  3. Forget Password Try Click and Read This,since you also forgot both your username & your password, but it may take a while to reclaim your account. :)
  4. Can't log in

    I Think the problem is on your internet connection
  5. ~Payton's Epic Cardinal Guide

    97 Already
  6. ~Payton's Epic Cardinal Guide

    What do you Prefer angelic breath or chilling breze?
  7. Wrong donate to account

    I think so :)
  8. Wrong donate to account

    I think pp transfer was not possible because there is no feature for it in CL
  9. Wrong donate to account

    next time you should have to carefully do transaction... Make this mistake as a lesson so that it does not happen in other day ... keep a smile on your face :)
  10. Wrong donate to account

    How many id that you have?
  11. Cutest Smile for World :)

  12. Butterfly wings

    My opinion I think you can get it from the event or Buy from semeone if u have some gold