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  1. S> +12 Medusa staff 19int [p] Holy iron chain knight set - +12 Plat [p] 2.0PA 19.4 STR [r] 35 str - +7 gloves [p] 16.8 STR 16.1 Strike [r] 35 str - +7 Shoes [p] 19.6 STR 2.6PA [r] 55ms B> - Flick 19++ PA - +12 or +13 AK max rein +10/above EVA - Any necklace that suit to rogue? Please note : Zuiii or Asrielly (if can both)
  2. New Crafting System - Poll

    When the update will come? Im waiting the major update for the important thing too "Skill bug fix"
  3. Skill Calculator

    Im looking for it too, so i can know how to make it.
  4. no telcom indonesia charge

    Ineed telecom indonesia charge method in mobile payment via mobiamo, there no telecom payment for 234 gems or 100.000idr, but other else have telecom payment, why? do you disabled the feature or its was a bug?
  5. The prompt was said 1% exp penaltion that i got from expel my family, My exp was 94.49% and i kicked someone from my family, i pressed ok and my exp turned 14.49, i think its not 1%, its 80%. Is this is a bug or something i dont know?
  6. Best path for buff type mage

    Im creating a new account only for buffing my main character, i need to know the best bfuf path Im currently think its wizard-cleric-priest-element master- rune master. All i need is buff, i dont need any great healing. IF you know the other best path please tell me.
  7. can give me tips for getting good philo please?

    RNG RNG RNG lol :D
  8. can give me tips for getting good philo please?

    agree :D, based on RNG :v
  9. Feb. 2nd 2016 Patch Bug Reports

    Sometimes we cant destroy pet item that unselected/unused from pet we must change map or relogin to destroy it ( i think ), this happen to me before, which i want to destroy elemental air,water,etc but cannot be dragged,then i try to my potion,its can drag,so i think the element is permanent,but after i go to alker, i try to sell it, it can be sell, then i try destroy ,yes now can be destroyed,also happen to my great heal lvl1 when i unused all to use great heal lvl 2
  10. Dual wield expertise

    Im confuse now My TM , have Dual Wield Mastery lvl 2 ( i see in skill tab 2 which one is passive skill tab ) then i clik learn skill, but its say on,dual,wield mastery ,its allow me to dual dagger then got penalty crit eva etc Meanwhile they said Dual wield mastery its increase atk speed then we use dual dagger..
  11. Dual wield expertise

    Blade taker have dual wield expertise, what is function of that skill? Why temper master dont have it? Its that different from dual wield mastery?
  12. Game Mechanical

    I was going to ask about game mechanicals 1. How much is the mobs HP ? its GM make it by code (example int SalamanderHP = 20000;)? or count by code ? example (mobslvl)*(100)(+20000) , so if have mobs lvl 99, that mean the HP its 99* 100 = 9900 + 20000 = 29900 ? 2. How much is the Mobs eva and defense ? sometimes we hit mobs and the mobs just got hurt 1 atk ( if we low level ), its because def and eva, its there a mechanical for it? 3. How does the eva & defense work ? example u have 380 eva(forums said) u will get 1 atk at NH, or 3800 def to 1atk at NH :/, i think there a mechanical behind that, anyone can tell me ? 4. Exp mechanical what im asking about exp its same with no 2 or 1. i just wanna know about this :/, sorry for my bad english
  13. Wrong donate to account

    Can transfer my pp plz? 30 pp .-.
  14. Wrong donate to account

    2 :/
  15. Problem Check ID

    Kak cara lupa password gmna