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  1. Another returning player, i guess

    2011 sounds like centuries lol, is this like a sign that veteran players are coming back? Nonetheless welcome back!
  2. Comeback <3

    Welcome back! I know how you feel by 'it runs in the blood' although it's like a disease to me now savemepls
  3. New Player

    Welcome to the CL fellow programmer
  4. Tooltip Bugs, report them all!

    Not sure if someone noticed this but: Skill Name: Staff Training Tool Tip: When using a staff, the weapon's physical attack power is increased by 3.7%. Fix: It should be magical attack power >_>
  5. TADAIMA~! I'm finally back! >w<

    Welcome back to CL! I also just got back from a year of not playing
  6. Your preferred way to purchase gems

    The most safe way nga is CC and MOL, pero merong MOBIANO which gumagamit ng cellphone load. Available sya with Smart and Globe, but I'm not sure if pwede yung other networks (then again naisip ko yung Smart and Sun are both same network na, so is Globe and TM). yan yung ginagamit ko dati, tho it's a bit risky cause if naalala ko dati wala syang receipt that will go once you load your phone(?)
  7. Pinoy Attendance

    Present at nagbabalik muli
  8. Hi, hello~

    I don't know how to make a proper introduction so... Hello people. The name's RawBeans - I pretty much got the name from a friend saying it sounds a lot like my real name, and I kinda liked it so I've been using it as my IGNs in some games I play. Let's see, I've played the official Luna Online the gPotato for like a year or two. I guess after sometime(after like another year or two lol) I started to miss it again, so here I am now playing CLuna Online. I'm also here with a friend who came along, he still has an innocent heart at playing Luna Online so am currently teaching him. Let's see what else... I was wondering if there's any patch notes here in the forum. I'm wondering if there are features here that the official Luna didn't have. It would be nice to know. Anyways I hope to see you in game - my IGN is Rawbeans - and I'll be lurking in the forums from time to time.