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  1. Question

    What level will RM master all the buffs ( Kiss of death , Clout, PinPoint, Shield and Might) THANKS !
  2. ITEMS

    Gale wings 87,6 Crit = 35b or demon set + gold VDS 19,7PA = 15b or FDS 19,5PA Note. Ramilic1ous
  3. Ranger guide

    Help please. For ranger P.atk and eva type. THANKS !
  4. Buying Selling

    SELLING +12MEDUSA 20int[p] 38[r] = 9b Farouk 19,5MA = 25b VDS 40ms = 8b BUYING Vset clean / dirty = offer Note : IGN: Ramilic1ous
  5. ASKING !

    What about the "preventing to use magic skill?"
  6. ASKING !

    The SILENCE in the skill "Casting foil" is not working ?
  7. Question

    What is better 3% Physical attack or 30 Strength . THANKS A LOT
  8. Bug item in item mall.

    Because no people in the game need it.
  9. Bug item in item mall.

    Sir. Can exchange my HC thunder to PP again? Because it cant be sell to the people.
  10. Bug item in item mall.

    Good day sir. I buy High Concentrated Orichalcum(Hco) in the itemshop in the site but suddenly when i get the item in the item mall storage High Concentrated thunder crystal is one appeared in my inventory. Can you please help me. THANKS !