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  1. Axe can't use SB and DSB ?

    GM Orange, i want to ask about skill for Swordmaster, fearfull massacre.. it's work now? and also how about shield boomerang ? that's require shield ? or normal like before? thx
  2. mau ttanya job rogue bagusan vit, eva, dex, str, atau strike?? buat pvp, gw.. thx
  3. Human Entrapper[Updated]

    which is the best stat, eq for war??it's makes me confuse and deseperate.. coz i can't kill shiled user. :v how about vit, eva? that's good? but no damage..
  4. [MD] Mace Destroyer

    wow , i like this destro with mace.. i enjoy it.. even no buff, lv 110 my pa 8.3k def 4.3k and crit 965.. and with buff pa become 10k def 4.5k