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  1. What should i do?

    @Orange : As you can see from vinrusher screenshot, i'm purchase pp for each 20pp is 11.000 IDR @vinrusher : Then i've made a mistake, ya im closing page before text "thank you for your purchase" showed up xD. So we must wait text "thank you for your purchase" showed up? I see, thanks for screenshot btw...
  2. What should i do?

    Too bad i don't have it, i never thought this would happen and i'm sure didn't misread. Well, its okay, i don't mind it now Thanks for helping Orange :)
  3. What should i do?

    Aku tau ini thread ini terlihat konyol, but this happened to me... Hari ini aku baru saja melakukan top-up 180pp via mobile payment. dan saat aku login ke website, pp yg tertera hanya 20 itu pun sisa saat aku melakukan top-up beberapa hari yg lalu. Yg artinya aku g dapat 1pp sama sekali. Tapi aku sudah terima SMS tanda kalau sudah melakukan pembayaran Click here G berapa lama aku login ke website dan yah pp yg aku punya berubah, ya berubah jadi 100pp alias hanya bertambah 80pp saja Click here Yg ingin aku tanyakan, apa ada yg pernah mengalami seperti ini? kalau iya apa itu wajar? kalau tidak, apa ini error atau semacamnya? berhubung aku masih baru disini, jadi aku g bisa berbuat banyak. I would appreciate any answers :)
  4. Server down? Look here

    The server is down right now? i cant played well until now and always got stuck everyminutes <_<
  5. Multivoting

    Hmm, i get it now.. Thankyou for reply LeblancLN and Orange :)
  6. Old papyrus document

    Yet, they never update Old papyrus page 4 until now, really need this item :wub:
  7. Multivoting

    I would ask briefly. What it means multivoting in rules server? Here Im a little bit confused about it :huh: Does it means its illegal to vote 2x times, even with different ID? Any answer i'll appreciate it. Thankyou...
  8. Money Making for Dummies!

    I personally sugest to be HQ maker, cause its much easier but prepare your hand :D
  9. Lucky Box 77

    +1 for this guide :P
  10. [Guide] Required P.Def and Eva

    Thanks a lot for this guide :) Nice!! :wub:
  11. Reinforcement :D

    moving speed was 150 for rare equipment? o.O, i thought it was 120 for max
  12. Fee's Graceful or Painful RM?

    I choose full support path and it was awesome :P
  13. Break your limits!

  14. Cruz's INT/VIT Necromancer Guide [Human Only]

    the lack this path is you can only take shrewd spell as lvl 1 and you dont have orpheus poem but its nice guide anyway xD