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  1. Hello, ive actually just rejoined the game after a fairly long break. Im still trying to get back into the swing of things. Due to some complications, I couldnt retrieve my old account, so im starting fresh. I plan on being very active and what better way to better the celestia experience than to have friends to talk to while you grind up in levels. So, I would like to possibly apply for a position in your guild^~^ as long as you have room of course

  2. Hello guys
  3. @Galang Agung You're already joined noob :v
  4. Hi there Rose We're always fine as usual. and thank you for visiting our thread @Mapple as u said before, maybe u're right i'm not fine and little bit busy atm. But I'll try to keep watching this drama til the end :'' ~ om telolet om ~
  5. @Mapple Hmm it's a good idea WakingKnights huh ... where's the Leader @Dudi
  6. @Mapple jajaja u know right I'm poor atm
  7. Its time to wake up "sleeping" knights !
  8. @Mapple Hey u noob please stop the drama
  9. oh hello there Forever Alone :3 (@Mapple)
  10. anyone still alive? :3
  11. Hello Alphabetians hows ur day
  12. cmon join please
  13. I like that choice :3