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  1. How much is +13 HB set STR mix VIT philo? Thanks
  2. Magnus v SA vs Cardinal

    how about the durability and damage dealt, which one is better? Thank you.
  3. Magnus v SA vs Cardinal

    Hi, I am newbie and still confuse to choose between this 3 job. Can somebody explain me their + and - and is it SA has the highest nuke damage in game? and between SA and Cardinal, which one has faster casting spell and which one is the most durable job between those 3? can you put rank to it? I have read all the guide, but still confuse. Thank you.
  4. Asking about job and job path

    Hi, I'm newbie here and I want to play a job that could deal a good damage and have a good defense (I prefer Mage or warrior), what job should I choose? and what job path should I take? Thank you.
  5. How to enchant Farouk's Crystal Ball up to +9?

    thanks. it's working now.
  6. How to enchant Farouk's Crystal Ball up to +9?

    I've tried using all possibility. but all of them are not working. The system said that the item cannot be enchanted?
  7. How to enchant Farouk's Crystal Ball up to +9?

    Sorry, Newbie here. I have tried using the enchant scroll, but it said Enchant The item cannot be enchanted. Is there any special scroll to enchant Legend:Farouk's Crystal Ball?? Thanks before.
  8. Please help me, I want to enchant if it's possible. :)