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  1. Ask why you are banned here!

    Im sorry about growie102, and I apologize for not correcting it about drawde0111 , but its drawde011, please check why it get banned. I also want to ask the status of IGN: Jermy if its banned or not, Thank you :)
  2. Ask why you are banned here!

    Why my Friends Accounts got banned: drawde0111, growie102 and give me proof please Thank you cuz they are banned simultaneously and thank you for fast response. and the person who reported thank you if possible
  3. Stat & Class Balancing

    Im also a mage hahaja
  4. Stat & Class Balancing

    Thats true but Belt of wisdom is very expensive. And most of mage player takes monk inqui path for crit rate and damage. And what is the purpose of wisdome and m.def if you take high output magic damage Thats why i suggest to make m.crit.damage cap. So that even fighters and rouge would not be one hit by criticals. Dont think that im opposing hahaha , just a suggestion
  5. Stat & Class Balancing

    What if you focus that stat on what purpose of it. Ex. Str - Phy.attacks Dex - Crit rate, eva, strike, small portion of crit damage Vit - Hp, hpreg., phy.def Int - magical attack Wis - mp, mpreg. M.def, crit rate small portion of m.critdamage. And you already adjusted the crit damage of fighter and rouges to 150% till 250% includes all buffs passives and philos. Why dont you put also crit bracket for mages . which i mentions that wis gives crit rate and damage so that they dont depend on fortunate magic and twinkling chuchu. Also put limit like 150-250% m.crit damage . right? which i suggest to put crit damage to wis stat so that WIS will be helpfull for those crit mages esp. Soul Arbiters or any crit mages. So that even mage think for their stat and make strategies for their build . P.S sorry for bad english :c