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  1. Give Specific Date for update of Panzer/Sniper

    Ahh okay , im excited here to try a new char panzer/sniper so im thrilled excited
  2. Need Help

    I think I will wait for the next update for sure path thank you for your guidelines guys
  3. Need Help

    Hope you give a specific path for panzer or Sniper for not wasting of time to create a new char thank you and godbless .
  4. Need Help

    Give me a good path for panzer human guys
  5. Need Help

    Hello Everyone Need help for a good path for Panzer and Sniper Help Newbie people :( Hoping For Reply !
  6. Where can i hunt the Musket level 119 '' Howling Wrym '' Please help me sir :( and Path for good panzer or Sniper please help :( :35::33:

    1. zitrous


      from sahel 127 boss (blackthorn broodmother) if im not mistaken just top right of the map

    2. Atheroze


      that stronge boss and give the buff for you, like dead and dead if want kill 2 person :D :35:

    3. zitrous


      it reduces max hp T_T.. and dmg towards pure hitter like 2~3k per hit so its pain af

  7. Sahel Monsters Feedback

    Help me what to kill to have a Howling wrym :( please help me :( .
  8. Server down? Look here

    We have same problem guys :(