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  1. Orange please fix my char at stuck when login, IGN : Akuhodekakak ID: wh3team Thx Orange :*
  2. orange, can u transfer my char NIck : AkuHodeKakak , from nc to alker ?,
  3. ok no respond -_-
  4. im not dd, its char vending sir ^^^, just lvl 1. Im going to login to nc, and blackscreen Im login char again from relog, and blackscreen again, , but my other char can,, How Orange ?^^
  5. no respond lol , please fix, menu, unstuck character
  6. no my problem , same with this orange ::
  7. my problem , same with this orange ::
  8. orange please fix, my char cant login
  9. sameee....
  10. I log in, up to the char selection stage and then I login to map, my savepoint now at nc, and black screen.
  11. can u transfer location, from nc to alker , my char cant login at nc
  12. Hallo Orange, My Char stuck at NC, i cant login my char -_-, IGN : AkuHodeKakak, Please trans my char to alker/gate alker