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  1. About Pasif Skill "RISK TAKER" (Fighter)

    Dont fix it please. Lol
  2. no email reset password

    I have same problem and there is still no email received from celestia luna on my inbox/trash/spam folder.
  3. Why akuma is only ch 1?

    What is the meaning event boss? If the event ends then will the boss still exist ?
  4. tiny crystal stone

    Of course evil golem are still dropping tcs. But the drop chance are a little -_-
  5. Question About Guild Buff

    Hello, I have a question (again) Can someone tell me about what gains we get from the guild buff? what buffs are available in the guild buff ? Whether the buff(s) can be used when hunting? Or in war only? I've seen some guides on guild guides in this forum, but none of them explain guild buff thanks
  6. About bonus craft stat

    Hello, i have question. How many The max bonus crafting stat on equipments lvl 120 if the crafter lvl is 131 ?. Will i get 50 stat on single equipment ? Thanks
  7. Ask why you are banned here!

    check id : killorkill10 please
  8. About Tarintus & Kierra Boss

    Hello all I am just a newbie here I have a question to anybody, especially to GM I want to ask about our rare bosses, yap Tarintus and kierra. I know this question is often asked by other players, but I still want to ask in order to eliminate my curiosity and the other player (maybe ). whether Tarintus & kierra only appear when a specific event? or Tarintus & kierra been erased like a wild mantis, Pangpang slime, etc. ? then I found a post : who said "Tarintus and Kierra spawn once a week on a single channel." is it still going on? spawn once a week? if so, then there are only a few players who know the schedule of these monsters appear. and I think that's unfair. because some of these players may prefer not to tell the other players and trying to kill the monster secretly. I hope that GM can provide information about the schedule of the boss appears (if it still spawn once per week) either via a forum or a notice in the game so that all players have the same opportunity. thanks ^^ :NB : iam sorry if my english too bad
  9. Problem Check ID

    maaf kak itu id killorkill8 kan di banned atas alasan "KS". itu tertulis nya permanent/sementara ? masa iya KS bisa jadi permanen banned ?. dan padahal aku itu juga udah gak pernah di buka lagi sekitar 4 tahunan. dan skarang pw nya pun masih samar2 -_-
  10. Problem Check ID

    makasih sebelum nya nih agan vincard boleh minta tolong lagi dong please. tlong checkin ID : killorkill8 atau siapa aja. makasih
  11. Problem Check ID

    pliss check id ane gan ID : snofiz ID killorkill7