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  1. north America

    i live in north America :DDDD am I the first
  2. Dating

  3. Dating

    im level 72 :) doing a DD 41-60 with bf && both of us were not able to attack in the DD but we both took Damage
  4. Dating

    ummm i was talking about the gocha event thing which isnt found under equipment but under useables which really threw me off sorry
  5. Dating

    ive tried every move everytime i swing no hp is taken from them but they are able to attack me
  6. Dating

    Nah what I was saying is there any updates coming up for the relationships in Luna...So so far DD is the only option for dates && the original luna is what I use to play but they have wedding rings and wedding dresses when can we make it official on Luna 😂 So far it's fun just would like more things I could enjoy with my boyfriend 🤔 && I've been to the item shop the stats on most costumes didn't catch my eyes so we went to the pajamas && I was wondering how can I buy those costumes their not found in the item shop neither are the pets 😭 But I bought the white tiger cub instead 🤔 But i I have been having a problem with the DD && fights Idk if it's bugs 🐜 or whatever I go to fight I swing and no damage comes to the opponents but they can hit me and I always die 😭😭😭 please fix and don't take me as being rude I enjoy Luna 😒 My boyfriend does too
  7. Dating

    is the DD the only thing we can do for the relationship???? are we able to get married???? are we able to have our own house???? what all can we do for the ones dating other than DD :/ is there a way to update those areas an the costumes are there going to be different kinds soon cause its like nothing has changed from luna online :/
  8. Error

    I've been playing celestia Luna just fine and all of a certain it's not letting me login an error continues to pop up saying unable to find content excutable something like that what should I do so I'm able to sign back in?