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  1. cobalt ingot

    about 10m/slot
  2. Guilds Who Want Normal War Without Edit

    sorry oot but that's one colorful rules ok back to the topic, maybe you can write the invitation to the discord server here (make it never expired first)
  3. how to clear nickname family and guild?

    You can't, the only way to do it is leave the family/guild you are in.
  4. Costume & Accessory Suggestions

    Back accessories : - Giant candy cane with ribbon/mistletoe/bells as its decoration - Giant snowflake with raining snow effect (similar to glow in Royal Fey Wings but this one is snowy effect)
  5. Job Passives Preview

    Why Arch Ranger got HP +10%? It's not a bad thing but since archers are not for tank-purpose job and more like a hitter, I think it doesn't suit well. Why not put Patk or accuracy instead? Also, good job for the staffs Keep up the good work !
  6. Question

  7. New Player here :D

    Welcome to Celestia ! Hope you enjoy your time here
  8. "Remember when...." thread

    Remember the time when people makes voices like "uyeeeah!! " or "aaaah" when crafting, philoing, etc and "yip yip yip yip" when people fishing (this one was really annoying but now I miss it )
  9. Let's Play

    Ayy noo, I still need other's help to explain something I'm not expert at Or maybe I'm actually expert at nothing
  10. Let's Play

    You are very welcome Looking forward to see you in game too! So, you have decided on what job you will choose?
  11. Spoiler



    1. rinchannau
    2. Tacco Girl

      Tacco Girl

      LMAO! That is describing most of the world's population. :40: And I love your new profile pic!!

  12. Let's Play

    You can download the game here : http://celestialuna.com/ Jobs that can be dual wielder are ; Sword Master and Magnus (from fighter class), Temper Master and Blade Taker (from rogue class). You can find the guides in this forum. I would like to help you in game, but unfortunately I don't know much about those jobs above But I will try my best to help. Anyway, welcome to CL
  13. Solo capable class + other questions

    Yes, it got removed Now there is a way to obtain points/gems other than buying that is by filling survey, but IMO it's quite complicated Yes, some selling gems (or "can be called" GP before) or buying items like reskill, restat, puke, etc then selling it on game. So far cheats and hacks are hard to find now Except scammers. Be careful of those jerks. Yes, except you can't enter Date Dungeon alone ofc but there are always people who search for DD partner. Most people using 2 clients for faster leveling at DD (but that kind of thing is somehow a bit lonely ). Also, exploring the land by yourself is ok too (since the EXP rate is high). All I know those job you stated above are good for war That's all I can answer . I'm still inexperienced so please correct me if i mistaken something
  14. Mage class path for solo fighting

    Being a mage is lovely but so complicated + pricey Also if you happen to mess with SP, you can use reset skill scroll, but that also cost more money