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  1. How you know this game is similar to me and welcome
  2. I would say Entrapper, and Entrapper is from rogue class. You can see the guides in this forum. Why Entrapper? Cause you will need gold to survive, and as far as I know, Entrapper is the best job for farming gold. And welcome back
  3. Thanks for the suggestion ! i guess i will try it. Hahaha i hope so, cause the story is beautiful *-* (and realistic xD) I see.. I will try it too later thanks for suggestion ! Also I don't know much about Stardew Valley, so I can't help..
  4. IGN : Evangelique
  5. Same thing happened to me too, but just once so far.
  6. Who doesn't know Harvest Moon? TBH it's still my fav offline game until now, and just realized there are so many titles of Harvest Moon (o_o) I've tried "Back to Nature" (married all girls lol), also "Back to Nature -for girl-". Currently playing "A Wonderful Life". If you have playing other titles beside above, please share it But ofc, you can share your experiences at what I have tried too. I want to hear your opinions !
  7. It might be oot, but that's fine for me, just share your thoughts
  8. You can create 5 more characters to fishing in Alker Farm or Moon Blind Swamp. If you are lucky, you might get Shiny Trash (1.5b each), Gold Carp, nostrum, etc. Also if you are a hardworker, you can make gold from making HQ and Magical Flames. I think Sahel (new map) can be a bettter farming map because the monsters there drop higher level of weapons, and expensive rare items, but ofc you need higher quality of equipments 😅 But i think NH can give you more than 1b per day. And for the prices, actually they have same price as item mall in web, but no one would sell them with same price so they increased it "a bit" 😂 P.S : Actually there's easiest way to make gold; begging someone for gold, but I don't recommend it :( Also, welcome back !
  9. IGN : Evangelique Title : Just Another Day in Alker Harbor
  10. In case you don't understand what @Vincard said, I shortened it for you. You have no choice but to accept this :( but you still can make new character again :) leveling etc. are easy in this game
  11. This is what likely to be happen and actually already happenned because of new DD level.
  12. This might be a good idea, but i think DD already give many exp :/
  13. From what I remember, they did inform that they will add another map (continuation from Sahel) in next update. Well, it's not a list, but at least we know something new in next update. I like this idea, but maybe they want to keep them as a surprise for us or what @Dhomzclaudio said before And if you want some "spoilers" (can't be called as spoiler tho), you can try to ask in Suggestion section, though you won't know when it will be happen
  14. nice one! maybe u can put the rest to spoiler tag so it will be one unlimited playlist
  15. I need new playlist ! Tell me your fav my most played right now are : 1. again - ClariS ( I love ClariS!! ) 2. Catch the Moment - LiSA ( SAO movie OST, i like their OST even though i haven't watched SAO yet, lol ) 3. Chain the world - Toyama Nao wanna continue but it's gonna be long btw vocaloid's is allowed too!