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  1. That means you are banned for some reason. Do you recall doing something against rules?
  2. It's easier to get lv 80-85 (or above) weapons by crafting. You will get bonus craft stat too. If you want a rare one, maybe Muramasa (Lv 80 2H sword) is what you are searching for.
  3. You can try to send ticket here : http://celestialuna.com/help/
  4. You can ask about guild stuffs from NPC Ellenshar @ Alker Harbor A guild is an association of people (here is CL players ofc ) consists of a Guild Master (GM), Vice President(s) or VP, Elders, and Members. In CL, the guilds are usually an association of players with same region (like, Indo only, Latin only, Philippines only), same interest (for war only or no war), same job, and many more. Each guild has its own rules, join one that suits you best . You can see in shout box someone saying "RGM>(requirements)" that means the guild is recruiting members and if it suits what you want, you can ask them to invite you. Union is when you want to build a relationship (a friendly one) with other guild, so Union consists of 2 or more guilds. The union leader is the guild that formed the union. The guilds that in relationship with your guild can help you in war, or other simple things like hunting, leveling, The more the merrier right? I know I'm sucks at explaining, but I hope these helps
  5. Welcome back and enjoy your stay here, senior !
  6. Oooh so that's the problem, my bad Thanks for the responds and help @Orange @Vincard
  7. I've tried logging in and out mutiple times and the box still not there :/ I wonder if it's only happened to me
  8. I think no, cause It's been 2 days and my friend having this problem too Oh I see So I can't write on another people's profile anymore right? But I also can't write on my own profile too or I misunderstood something?
  9. There's no more bar for writing status message in profile. Is there any reason behind this? Thank you
  10. Wow what a coincidence maybe they need some delicious squad name
  11. What's with that profile photo tho :50:

    1. Tacco Girl

      Tacco Girl

      Sorry luv; which profile photo?

    2. rinchannau
  12. Hello ! Name is Evangelique, my friends call me Eva or Evan. I moved to Blueland 2 years ago, currently stayin in Alker Harbor. As you can see, I'm just ordinary citizen of Blueland. I don't stand out and most of time spending my time in the woods. But don't worry, I'm well dressed and always up to date. Recent news said that The Priestess Luna is abducted As far as I know, she is one of the most important people in Blueland, protecting this land by her powerful spells.. What will happen to Blueland without her around? I would register myself to be investigation soldiers/heroes, but I lack confident and power (ordinary citizen ikr!) Or not... maybe I could search for her myself ! I'm familiar with the woods anyway Ok begin the search ! But as expected, they can't be hiding in woods near hectic harbor, right? Maybe I have to expand the search area Could they be there? Anyway, I'm leaving !
  13. Yes Here's the staff list http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/announcement/11-staff-list/ Also, I think the only official CL website is http://celestialuna.com/
  14. nice guide ! I hope this change people's perspective about crusader job
  15. 1. re-install Discord 2. use website maybe