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  1. Job Passives Guide & Discussion

    Frankly, this update is fabulous, so we can have vary passive skill from different path of jobs. Good jobs, GMs!
  2. Stat & Class Balancing

    Well, I really appreciated new update, is glad to know that every tanker/vit type character can't be killed 1 hit anymore by everyone But, in my opinion, almost all peoples will be frustrate when they know their damage decrease into approximately 35-40% than it used to be. How if I said there's some better way to make player feel glad with new updates and it makes all job more balance too. Well let me explain the way I think, don't decrease too much critical damage from it used to be. Just improve physical defense and HP gain from vitality stat due to either high critical damage/high physical attack can be resisted only by high physical defense. Moreover, peoples would rather see his big damage in bulky enemy than tiny damage in weaker enemy. It can be totally the same, and just the matters of psychologist. Furthermore, If you improve HP of all character, it makes fix damage skill which is mostly damage over time skills such as Holy Taker and Venom Cloud isn't as useful as it used to be. I consider this too because I think I will feel disappoint if I were a fully vit mage which only depends on DOT skills. Just correct me if I'm wrong and thanks for read my opinions. ~ Happy new year and God bless you ~