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  1. Error starting Luna

    now I was trying to open 2 luna together a ta open and ta ta giving the same error
  2. Error starting Luna

    I already disabled it and still continue the error
  3. Error starting Luna

    I am not able to solve it I do not have any antivirus in my pc I formatted it today pro windowns 8
  4. Error starting Luna

    I click on Start and this error appears What should I do?
  5. Help

    Thank you
  6. Help

    A Doubt a Blade Taker Lvl 120 Must have how much of Eva - Strike and Crit?
  7. Cloud Sailors Set

    Which Item builds Cloud Sailor's Vest?
  8. Black Screen

    Mont Blanc Port ... Yes Other Character Connects normal
  9. Black Screen

    I connect the server and my character does not appear... Help