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  2. Job Passives Guide & Discussion

    the earlier passive bonus (the first post before this) is pretty something.... but this change kinda fair i think haha but who's gonna take pure path example : pure SM path on elf = patk+15% but without rune impact (soul crushing) pure SM path on human = patk+15% but no rage burst (soul crushing) but anyway a bit passive bonus is still something than nothing at all... so good update and im looking forward to this update
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  7. pet always suddenly disappear

    its more upseting when you're in Date Dungeon. when your pet suddenly sealed and a minute after that you got crash and there is no choice except close the program, and you throw away 1 times DD. and when u doing DD with other ppl, your DD partner will shout u as Scammer LOL!!
  8. BUY BOW m.a19+

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  11. BUY BOW m.a19+

    up wondering why all post on market place dissapear
  12. BUY BOW m.a19+

    BUY Belt Of Wisdom m.a19+ note me in game RbufferM thx
  13. New Crafting System - Poll

    look nice can't wait cause we all always want something new