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  1. Can they give back my item or nah?

    Oh ok thanks :) Its ok it was my fault tho
  2. Unselling

    Yeah I know right. That's what I was thinking too. Many people mistakenly sell items sometimes so I think this would solve the problem
  3. Can they give back my item or nah?

    I accidently sold my +12 ak on the npc yesterday. I was just curious if gm can actually bring it back, but if they can't its ok tho, it was my fault to start with :)
  4. Unselling

    I would like to suggest something. Since I've encountered this yesterday I would like to people to not experience this too. When you already sold your items on npc there is an option that gives you the chance to unsell the things that you've sell
  5. Iridescent shell

    What is this iridescent shell?
  6. Why can't I update?

    Oh ok thanks :) Surely not antivirus, I don't have any
  7. Why can't I update?

    It is kind of stuck here for a long time and doesn't wanna move to the other updates.
  8. [ROUGE] Managing Blade taker --need help!

    My skills are Lvl 15 Hunter blast Lvl 10 Wind breaking lvl 20 Dual blow lvl 1 Hunter smoke at lvl 117 you will be surely getting all the Buffs and passives you will be needing :) Mine is a dual wielder now lvl 117 already and has many p.a eva crit rate and strike. I suggest you go Ak+aias first until you get to lvl 117 :) 117 is the perfect time to dual wield but remember you will be needing Rm buffs so i suggest you get your own buffer
  9. Balik Loob Tanong lng po..

    May tumatambay sa Alker harbor 1 at kami naman sa ch 5 Alker harbor din
  10. [ROUGE] Managing Blade taker --need help!

    1. Its your choice if you want to reskill, but remember if you reskill get all the needed passives and buffs that you think will help you then go with the active. 2. Many guides for tm suggested that you go dual at lvl 117 but for me i would suggest 120+ 3. Well yes having a bt as a farmer is kinda good but it wont get weaps like entrapper do. Bt has lvl 2 extortion and Entrapper has lvl 4 so i suggest fo entrapper for farming. 4. Yep i would suggest you get your Rm buffs to give you the needed buff for your crit rate and strike something like that. 5. Bt are a passive type dependent not like Tm that are buffs dependent. B.T arent really for farming its for pvp type cause they have high pa and many needed stats for pvp and they could wreck everyone on GW(This is kinda my insights tho) 6. Nope they were all removed because they werent updated and arent accurate due to the updates that we had. Bt were once using Shield boomerang but they disabled it, and due to that the guides werent accurate and removed. and for your path its the one and only good path for Bt. I also have my bt and not a dual wielded one. Mine is just lvl 107 None-buffed buffed(with rm buffs) P.A 3.6k 4k Pdef 2.4k 2.8k Strike 224 257 Eva 303 350 Crit rate 1k 1.6k
  11. Ask why you are banned here!

    Id: Redmobile03
  12. Map Status

    Zakandia is currently down, blackscreen after the Image load :)
  13. Sniper Guide

    Maybe for the elf path go Ruffian-Archer-RW-Sniper You wont need scout since you will get all the skills/passive/buffs of scout on RW. I prefer Elf than Human because of the buffs and passives you would get on Elf, Elf gives you higher crit damage and crit rate than human.
  14. Sword destro Or 2h sword magnus

    Destro- high pa, op fearful blow even you dont have strike, not really good tanking Magnus- balanced, has many types you can choose to 1h+shield 2h and dual, high pa and defense depends on what type you will get though
  15. Date Dungeon

    Same ๐Ÿ˜Š