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  1. Ask why you are banned here!

    Why Ban? Id: nichowd Id:regullum
  2. Ask why you are banned here!

    cek id : nichowd
  3. Does Log shot give range more for all bow skill?

    you mean by "Long Shot" Passive for Rogue and for Arch Ranger actually. Because i like using bow and this is my opinion by testing on my own character: - Long Shot works on Normal Attack - Long Shot works on Skill that are basically from Archer and Ranger (Fire Arrow (AoE), Triple Arrow, Power Shot(Double Shot for lv 11+), Needle Shot (the Range Actually Increase from the basic, but still not to long as the other skills because it for short range), Pounding Shot, etc.) -Long Shot doesn't works on skills that are from Arch Ranger (Magic Arrow and Smoldering Shot) and some skill AoE from Archer and Ranger (Pierching Arrow, Ice Rain) Its From my Opinion, and please help if i got wrong.
  4. Q>Dual Dagger Penalty

    well, i don't know who said that to you, but they were wrong actually. TM only have dual expertise max stage 5, and it will take lot of pinalty. BT have dual expertise max stage 10, and it still have pinalty about 100 critical, 5 evasion and about 100-700 pa. Therefore TM have many buff evasion such as Side Step and Whispering (eva) that total give you about 20 eva, for your big pinalty. I guess.
  5. Casting Foil Skill

    so most of this people that are said they record me are the crybabies.... They can use FB/RI but cannot let me use hide/foil, and recorded.. use RI and FB are prohibited in war fair? thanks for help vincard
  6. Casting Foil Skill

    Hi guys, I just want to ask are using Casting Foil Skill is banned? Cause i don't see the rule said about. But Many People in game said i was recorded during use that skill...