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  1. Job Passives Preview

    Wow ive been waiting for this ill play again
  2. Skill Calculator

    The one you search on google works, it requires firefoz thats supports silverlight[firefox es]
  3. New Crafting System - Poll

    I think the ui should be blue D:
  4. Human Swordmaster

    Nope i really mean 2 handed weapon but i dont think that was intended
  5. human Vs Elf sm

    OKy ty guys
  6. Rookie's Chaotic Necromancer Guide

    Thats scary lol
  7. Cant really decide what i will make, i need help. Amd need help for equips build,because others say chiv, other hb.And will human have stuns or they are played to 1shot?
  8. Rookie's Chaotic Necromancer Guide

    Maybe he meant sleep l, he wants to put all the dot he can while enemy in sleep and HB so the enemy wont lose the sleep .
  9. Human Swordmaster

    Bloody sky from infantryman works on 2 hand haha
  10. Cloak of the Kingdom Knights

    WIll i be able to transfer Cloak of the Kingdom Knights to another account cuz i bought gems on wrong account
  11. Hunter blast

    oky ty
  12. Equality! (Skyforge Union)

    how can i join :3
  13. Hunter blast

    is this jsut a tooltip error ?
  14. Why akuma is only ch 1?

  15. Summer Postcard Event!

    IGN : xxLimexx