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  1. Back to the game

    You will be needing the valid email for it. Then ask Orange. Translation : How can i get back my account ?
  2. Kiss for Everyone !

    Thanks Orange Juicy :)
  3. Need Help Destroyer 2H Sword

    Guards are durable fighters, with much higher vitality and protection. They are excellent tanks and are welcomed to every party. Although, they are not very good damage dealers. Pros Cons High Defense High HP Low damage Warriors are meant to be a high damager however they are lack of defense. Pros Cons High Damage High HP Low Defense
  4. Family Logo Problem

    Sorry i was out. No Problem :) This is now answered.
  5. Family Logo Problem

    Try putting the logo in Celestia Luna Online folder. The Exact folder dont go to data. Just Celestia Luna Online folder.
  6. The forum is so quiet nowadays...

    It will be soon enough when they can see some potential on it.
  7. Kiss for Everyone !

    Hi People. i know some of you may know me some may not. However time to continue the game i started before. Hope to meet some of you in my new account. Hopefully old guildmates still here. Lego CL community.
  8. Tuwing kelan po nagkakaroon ng gem bonus ?

    Gem Bonus is occasional.