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  1. Anyone play Harvest Moon?

    I've played both Harvest Moon & Stardew Valley. From survey, Harvest Moon More Friends Of Mineral Town (HM MFOMT) is the best game from all of their title... With Back To Nature if u can play with GBA (unluckily I've played with PC, so I can't coop with Back To Nature)... If u wanna play HM MFOMT better u choose girl version, cuz on girl version there's so many update that boy version didn't hav. And for Stardew Valley, that was a great game <3 u can merge farming simulation and RPG at a same time ^^. Nc game for u all who likes to play something peacefull, but u need something different and go slay some slimeeee~ NP : Is there any Stardew Valley updates recently on Steam ? Cuz my save data is missing :'(
  2. Fanart Contest 2017

    IGN : TenryuuAyako Title : - Nature's Symphony - Concept : A relationship between Elf and nature creates a beautiful symphony Art By : LuxArchfield / May 2017