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  1. My reaction when i saw Ed hit the mobs but he said still weak @Rheed
  2. a lot , just Whisp : Evangelique , she can guide you, also friendly to newcomer
  3. @Orange I would loves it if you telling us before doing updates :) , i mean like notice
  4. I think dont i can win now hahahahaha, orait then lets see the updates
  5. well then, lets see how its will be.
  6. thats ur believe bro
  7. "because it will be easier for you to craft things now" <=== easier will make prices down broh :) Meaning no offense bro
  8. I dont suport this new updates, its sounds like more bad than before, i bet this one make the crafts item lowers. And also, this will change's everything.
  9. IGN : FisherTiger Tittle : Lost in Desert, way to go shore