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  1. [Reactions] Your Face When...

    My reaction when i saw Ed hit the mobs but he said still weak @Rheed
  2. Hi new player here

    a lot , just Whisp : Evangelique , she can guide you, also friendly to newcomer
  3. New Crafting System - Poll

    @Orange I would loves it if you telling us before doing updates :) , i mean like notice
  4. New Crafting System - Poll

    I think dont i can win now hahahahaha, orait then lets see the updates
  5. New Crafting System - Poll

    well then, lets see how its will be.
  6. New Crafting System - Poll

    thats ur believe bro
  7. New Crafting System - Poll

    "because it will be easier for you to craft things now" <=== easier will make prices down broh :) Meaning no offense bro
  8. New Crafting System - Poll

    I dont suport this new updates, its sounds like more bad than before, i bet this one make the crafts item lowers. And also, this will change's everything.
  9. Summer Postcard Event!

    IGN : FisherTiger Tittle : Lost in Desert, way to go shore