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  1. S/T>SOG+12 [c]49Str [p]10Str 10Strike 24Dex = 18b Cheap Note: xKirsten
  2. S>Sealed Coffin 76Crit 75b
  3. CB Set+12 & 7 Total [p]41 Vit = 11b or offer.. HC Mace+12 35Int Philo = 100b+Items offer Note - xybernetix
  4. thanks sir :) :) :)
  5. cant be swordsman rather than infantry?
  6. or hcs+12 or clean
  7. can i ask? how much the HC Heavy Set Clean?
  8. Buying HCM+12 100b
  9. im so sorry sir Orange i instructed my cousin to sell specific items then do lvling when im still at the office..please im begging sir..this is one of my happiness after office hours..please sir please..
  10. waht do you mean Anti-Celestia? please recover my account please..
  11. ID: jaypee28 what is the reason why i banned to this game? please answer sir Orange