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  1. The human path won't get any stun skills unless you use 1h sword, in which case you can use Blunt Shield, but if you're dual wielding, you won't get any stuns unless you take swordsman to get spirit sword as opposed to infantryman who does not get this skill. Spirit Sword is simply a sleep skill, however.
  2. For Tak Tak, my bt can dodge every hit with 410 eva. As for pdef, I'm not sure because my paladin with 8k pdef was still taking 200 damage per hit.
  3. Why is it that I can cast my sonic boom first (as in I see the animation of my sb appear first), but my enemies sb kills me? I see their animation appear maybe a split second after my animation, but I somehow die.
  4. I believe CL could use a little deflation, if the new system does at all somehow decrease the prices of crafted items.