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  1. I signed up for Discord shortly after I first registered with the forums. My PC was having issues, so I had to take it back to it's original state. Now that I no longer have the Discord App, I can't get back into Discord. What do I do from this point?
  2. I'm currently working on the rough draft for it. I'm not sure how to implement the rules yet. It will not be something too difficult I promise.
  3. Your "About Me" section certainly describes you perfectly. I couldn't have said it better myself. :heart: Though I think you may be cutting yourself short. You've been poked!! :52:

  4. Wowzers! That cake looks mighty good. I'm gunna go eat now. Just stopping in to say hi to our famous Admn. XD

  5. Kitty. Where you been? I've missed you. T_T

    1. Kitty


      I'm here! It was nice seeing you in-game today!

    2. LittleTnCo65


      It's always a pleasure to see you. I promise you; I only have "five" characters that will occasionally harass the heck out of you. :40:

  6. I am referring to the character you will be playing in the game. I don't know what you mean by an outfit. Could you please explain?
  7. So Mr Romancer, what sort of character do you plan on creating? If you need any help we are all here to help.
  8. I know this is going to sound odd. Really, really odd. However; I was thinking that maybe we could have a little section devoted to people using screenshots and such to make up a little comedic story-line about living in the Land of The Blue. If selected; the Admin or Moderator of forum would come up with the initial story-line/intro to the Land of Blue. The next person who stops in to check it out would continue where the Admin or Moderator left off on. Sort of like a Celestia Luna Online Comic Book. It certainly sounds odd, but it also sounds like it would be a lot of fun. It's okay if it gets turned down. Believe me; I have plenty imagination going on inside my head to keep me entertained for months on end.
  9. Hi Kitty. You are so bright and cheerful. I love what you have listed for your interests. Makes me get all mushy inside. :D (Please don't get the wrong idea). I just enjoy seeing people reaching out for one another. Cya in the threads. Hopefully in-game as well.

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    2. LittleTnCo65


      :46:  Yeah; I sort of figured that out by your statement of Interests. :39: Isn't friendship and or love grand?! Your avatars look so awesome together! I can just imagine how you'd be irl. But I'll pass; cause I tend to get myself into trouble that way. Hopefully I help provide Jonah with amusement as well. I now have my oldest son and my handsome, adoring hubby have joined the wonderful Land of Blue. (Geez, just when I thought it was safe to go back outside.) :41: :42: I like your character name of Vados. May I ask what it represents? 

    3. Kitty


      Love is grand. :shyheart: Got the family playing now, huh? The more, the merrier! Jonah and I made Goku and Vados together, which are characters in Dragon Ball Z. :D

    4. LittleTnCo65


      Well; I recognized Jonah's Goku right away. Dragon Ball Z was and still is my oldest son's favorite Anime show. I also enjoyed Dragon Ball Z and Digimon. :D I just worked so much back then that I rarely had time to watch a full episode. I don't know all of the characters' names. I just know that the show actually helped keep my son out of trouble. Thank you for helping me feel like I belong here. :cool:

  10. Once again the mighty Orange comes to my rescue! Thank you so much.
  11. Actually, I wasn't referring to that. I want to add a nickname or Location message under the profile image like Atiqah's says Location: In your heart.
  12. You look oddly familiar. I hope you enjoy your stay here in the wonderful Land of Blue. Orange and Jonah are really good about keeping us "newbies" informed of rules and such. Anytime you have a question or concern, you should seek them out. Atiqah is also good at keeping us informed. Look forward to reading your posts.
  13. Ello lovely citizens of Blue Land. I need some help with adding nick name to go under the profile image. I've seen so many awesome profile images. Just thought I'd join in. Cya in the game/forums. Thank you for any assistance that you can provide.
  14. I can always count on you to keep me straight. That does make sense. I remember reading portions of it. With the MS; I sometimes don't retain information when I need it. I have a Journal that I keep important appointments, resources, information, and how I cope throughout the day. I have a sticky note attached to it that says: "Lil T's Brain. Do not remove or alter said contents. Not responsible for outcome." I sure do miss everyone. Last night; for me, was very lonely.
  15. Thanks again. You are so knowledgeable. I will try going to the link after I get back from doctor visit. Right now I just want to go protect the Land of Blue. Does anyone know why it's called that anyway??