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  1. Hi Everyone

    ohh okay got it thanks, so if there are no camps / factions, how to people do some PVP around here? since i read some forums that factions / camps are the best thing about luna and going on pk channels hmmmp i havent yet played the game i was just reading some stuffs thats why i got some ideas about it. is the website buggy or what??i cant go to other sections of the website lol ohh damn hope they will fix the class lol, since im into shooting class, archer is okay but i think its very common or something. also is this game / server Pay to Win??
  2. Hi Everyone

    woah nice, really??i can reach 75+ in just a couple of hours not days??nice, thought this game is like max grinding and all, ive been reading a lot and i kind a like the warrior that uses guns, but though not sure since this game needs also a lot of farming. okay ill try to PM you in the game then, are you red or blue??also does guild give some stats around here? or do you need to do all the quest from beginning? are there lots of people playing the game??what is the population rate of the game?
  3. Hi Everyone

    hi, im new to the game, this is my first time to be playing the game lol, any tips to level up fast and things that i really need to know before i go start the game? any suggestion also for a new player / newbie like me, like what class should i make and all? also how fast is this game in terms of leveling? lets say im going to invest 6-8hours a day....:D sorry for lots of quesitons