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  1. Destroyer Questions

    I thought having more than 1500 crit can help you avoid being blocked. For example those paladins can have 100%+ block rate so I thought your chance of getting a non-block attack to them is higher if you can got 1700 crit for example than with a 1500 crit if this isn't true... then you're right. We dont need more than 1500 now :) Some destro doesnt build any strike at all.. they just rely on Fearful Blow because it always hits, but it has low range only tho. That's why im confused hehe
  2. 2H Swordmaster?

    Hmmh, thank you so much for your inputs Jonah!
  3. 2H Swordmaster?

    Hello, just playing this game for about 2 months now so I maybe wrong but... Has anybody tried an SM using 2hand sword before? and maybe got some success with it? Because if you'll be 2h, you can still use the skills that a dualwielding SM can use (SB, Dual SB, etc.) BUT you'll get access to burning crash and earthquake as a bonus too! Isn't it cool? You look like a destro but with a higher range of Sonic Boom... The only issue I see is maybe you will have lesser p.a and strike using a 2h than dualwielding.. But if the difference between the two are not that high, maybe it's worth a try? What do you think of this guys? Thanks