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  1. did server DOWN?
  2. dogtooth_> .whyban introved <shoutbot> User introved banned for reason 'Suspended (contact staff) [Orange]' u must PM orange for reason your banned. maybe some one try to use your ID.
  3. already checked check it at
  4. <dogtooth_> .whyban 0bscura <shoutbot> User 0bscura is not banned maybe u forgot your own password or that id maybe hacked. PM orange for more detail
  5. <dogtooth> .whyban smkn3 <shoutbot> User smkn3 banned for reason 'Rein hacks [Orange]' klo ente mau ngibul kira2. merasa ga bermasalah udah pake item rein
  6. ente ngasih keterangan yang jelas. yang di maksud "itu" apa. dan kronologi nya bagaimana
  7. <dogtooth> .whyban poebsel12 <shoutbot> User poebsel12 banned for reason 'Suspended [Orange]' dogtooth> .whyban smkn3 <shoutbot> User smkn3 banned for reason 'Rein hacks [Orange]' dogtooth> .whyban rafi1546 <shoutbot> User rafi1546 banned for reason 'scam site'
  8. dogtooth> .whyban maniakfunki <shoutbot> User maniakfunki banned for reason 'RMT [Orange]'
  9. dogtooth> .whyban taeyang911 <shoutbot> User taeyang911 banned for reason 'fraud suspect'
  10. dogtooth> .whyban william1717 <shoutbot> User william1717 is not banned
  11. yeah. that was i am seeking for. a green item with 20 stats. i already have bow.dagger.2hand axe.1hand sword. but never drop 2hand sword.
  12. B> HQ ruby 40 slot NOTe me IGN wtfmoment i post here because no one HQ maker at game. ty
  13. miss. orange. would u like to see what i am reporting at character report? ty

  14. i see. thanks for info.
  15. yeah. i know. but i want collect some weapon that never used by player