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  1. Ask why you are banned here!

    Please check ID: Haxer2002
  2. Pinoy Attendance

    Mga brader <3
  3. [Rogue] Bow Entrapper (Human & Elf)

    I was about to make Human Entrapper Bow , but image isn't working ahahah
  4. Equality! (Skyforge Union)

    Sir ? can I join your guild ?pm me IGN: Haxer2002
  5. Equality! (Skyforge Union)

    Is theres slot available in your guild ?please kindly pm me IGN: Haxer2002 if its possible to join..thanks~
  6. Add more inventory

    I'd like to suggest to add more bags in inventory slot if its possible so that we can farm alot of gold in NH and fast gold earnings.
  7. My Account bugged

    Okay ......
  8. My Account bugged

    Is theres anything I can do so I can enter my account back ? I really need to farm in NH to earn gold
  9. My Account bugged

    Owhh .. Can u show me a proof ?
  10. My Account bugged

    What do you mean PK leveling ?
  11. My Account bugged

    Idk what happen .. when Im about to log-in my account this thing show up >>> http://imgur.com/5B69rbM please fix this asap
  12. Human Entrapper[Updated]

    Im doing this path .. GoodLuck to me <3