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  1. Please check ID: Haxer2002
  2. Mga brader <3
  3. I was about to make Human Entrapper Bow , but image isn't working ahahah
  4. Sir ? can I join your guild ?pm me IGN: Haxer2002
  5. Is theres slot available in your guild ?please kindly pm me IGN: Haxer2002 if its possible to join..thanks~
  6. I'd like to suggest to add more bags in inventory slot if its possible so that we can farm alot of gold in NH and fast gold earnings.
  7. Guys ? 1hand magnus is it Human or Rogue ?
  8. Okay ......
  9. Is theres anything I can do so I can enter my account back ? I really need to farm in NH to earn gold
  10. Owhh .. Can u show me a proof ?
  11. What do you mean PK leveling ?
  12. Idk what happen .. when Im about to log-in my account this thing show up >>> http://imgur.com/5B69rbM please fix this asap
  13. Im doing this path .. GoodLuck to me <3