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  1. PH 2018

    Halos wla ata xD, pero ako next update pa mag lalaro.
  2. 2h uses 1h skills

    Yes they work but dont get used to it because it is not intended
  3. [Feature Preview] Summoner's Tomes

    Is this like the better ver of monster integer? I missed when someone summons a batch of mobs on the portal lool
  4. "Failed to patch version 17" error

    Add the patcher and lunaclient to exception in windows defender or any av
  5. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    can be done with ~ full dex rogue, full vit 2h fighter , full vit mage , or by swapping shield to 2h weapon
  6. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    This can be done as long as you can tank, i just swapped my shield amd 2 hand because i want to 1 shot them. Blood infest have low hp and all blood infest from dark portal entrance can be lured without attract circle.
  7. Maybe it has something to do with where you character left before logging out, maybe the map is down
  8. Littlelegolaz's Magnus Guide

    Use sword,because many they always use sonic boom because of its range, if not a 1shot type character you need add more skills to kill them with something like a poison damage + stun.
  9. Tarintus

    Thanks for conaidering, I think its just unfair they dont have to farm hard as much as other players do because they do something like that to tatintus or kiera.
  10. Tarintus

    when going to distorted crevice when i use beholder 80% of the time there's a players that always in stealth mode ( maybe their guild farm tarintus ) its really annoying because i've been wanting to see tarintus xD. My suggestion is make a weather when tarintus mind stone is alive like crystals in dark portal changes color, or make monsters aggro more agresive or have monsters attack have some debuff in island of death maps. its just annoying that anyone cant access tarintus without doing that T.T
  11. I tried making panzer thinking that i can use earthquake
  12. Woops, rip my panzer hahaha ):
  13. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    I do blood infest for the odd powders haha
  14. Server down? Look here

    server down ? or i have pc prob ?